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Hamsa Hand Lucky Eye Glass Keyrings
orange hamsa keyring
hamsa hand keycharm holder
blue hamsa and evil eye amulet keychain
chamsa ring for keys
blue lucky hamsa key ring holder
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traditional evil eye blue hamsa keyring
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Hamsa Hand Lucky Eye Glass Keyrings
Hamsa Hand Lucky Eye Glass Keyrings

Hamsa Hand Lucky Eye Glass Keyrings

SKU: hamsa_keyring_pink

Hamsa Hand Lucky Eye Glass Keyrings

SKU: hamsa_keyring_pink
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This hamsa hand lucky eye glass keyrings come in 9 different colors to bless and protect you in life's journey.

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So many hamsa keychains to choose from, and it's hard to choose just one, that's precisely why these glass chamsa hand of Fatima keychains with an evil eye in the center are just what you need right now.

Each color of the amulet lucky chamsa hand with a watchful eye in the center has meaning above and beyond pushing back harm and evil.  Each color hamsa might interest you.  Which one is there to add that extra layer of protection?

  • Yellow for health, concentration, and memory
  • Green for a new state of balance and change in your life
  • Purple removes obstacles and make a change
  • Navy Blue protection and luck
  • Light Blue to counteract chaos in life
  • Pink love and friendship
  • Orange overall protection 
  • Black internal power 
  • Red protection from evil and fears

Hamsa hand amulets, from the Middle East to the Americas, are found worldwide.  They are found in yoga and zen studios, and meditation spaces.  Some people just love overall good vibes and beautiful artwork.

Add your keys to the chamsa key holder for your car, house, or office and you'll always have luck and protection carried with you.  If you're feeling a bit artsy, attach the hamsa keyring to the outside of your purse or backpack as a bag tag.

This is a perfect gift for the new driver, new homeowner, graduate, birthday, or just because.


  • Hamsa hand lucky eye glass keyrings 
  • Glass
  • 1.75" x 4"
  • Split keyring

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Weston
Hamsa keychain

Fast delivery and awesome product. Quality.

Lisa LaPiana
Evil eye

This purple evil eye keychain is so pretty! I want one in every color!

Hamsa keychain

I purchased two of these keychains to give as gifts. The person I gave it to you for Mother’s Day. Loved it! It was beautiful I will be enjoyed.

Order was amazing!

key chain is now attached to my cell phone case

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