What is a star for our college heroes?

It's 2024 and our Jewish college students are facing extreme antisemitism of which America has never seen before. They are being blocked from learning and accessing an education, ridiculed, harassed and even beaten up.  It's all over social media and in the news. We don't need to explain it to you, it's not "hidden."

Alef Bet would like to send YOUR college student a sterling silver Jewish star necklace.

Silver Star of David Necklace | For Our Brave College Students

No strings attached, we'll even pay the shipping.


Send a Message of Pride: Brighten Your Child's Day with Thoughtful Gifts

All we ask is that you complete the following 2 steps:

               1. Must be sent to your child at their school, not to you

               2. Must include a personal message of how proud you are.  

That's it.

The goal is simple:

Bring a smile to your child's face to let them know they are the light, the beauty in this time of darkness.

Ready to send your child a gift?

  • The discount code is embedded into the link.
  • One per customer
  • Must be in USA
  • If you'd like to learn more about how to help Israel, please click here to learn about the hostage Bar Kupershtein