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Evil Eye Wire Bracelet

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  •  An evil eye watches over you and protects you, making it a fabulous gift to give someone
  •  Great bracelet to pile on, to layer up or to create your own "look"
  •  Solid silver flexible wire bracelet comes in black, rose or yellow gold
  •  A lovely gift to ensure you are being watched over and protected   







An evil eye, or lucky eye, watches over and protects you. It guards you from malicious stares and thoughts, and provides you with feelings of good fortune, good health and lots of love! � What a great bracelet to pile on, and an even better bracelet to gift to a friend! Tell her that you are watching over her, that you love and value her being. Perfect choice for any occasion! � Choose from any of the four colors: silver, rose gold, yellow gold or black


  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Bracelet Length: 6.75"

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Evil Eye Wire Bracelet
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Evil Eye Wire Bracelet
Evil Eye Wire Bracelet
Love it-beautiful--will need to get the one in rose gold.
These folks are very nice to deal with.
Evil Eye Wire Bracelet
Beautiful—will have to order more

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