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A Complete Healing Necklace

A Complete Healing Necklace
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  •  Praying for a loved one's speedy recovery is known in Hebrew as the Refuah Shlema prayer
  •  With an antique feel, this gorgeous pendant combines both gold and silver 
  •  A touching and meaningful gift with both Hebrew and English on the charm blessing you with health
  •  Refuah Shlema prayer is recited when praying for a loved one's recovery




When someone is sick or in need of healing, why not give this meaningful pieces of jewelry? It will last longer than flowers or candy. Praying for a loved one's speedy recovery is known in Hebrew as the Refuah Shlema prayer. "Mi-sheberakh avoteinu v'imoteinu, Avraham v'Sarah, Yitzhak v'Rivkah, Ya'akov, Rachel v'Leah hu y'varekh et (recite the English and Hebrew name) v'yavi aleihem refuat hanefesh u'refuat haguf yachad im kol cholei amo Yisrael. Barukh atah Adonai, rofeh ha'cholim." May the One who was a source of blessing for our ancestors, bring blessings of healing upon (recite the English and Hebrew name), a healing of body and a healing of spirit. May those in whose care they are entrusted, be gifted with wisdom and skill, and those who surround them, be gifted with love and trust, openness and support in their care. And may they be healed along with all those who are in need. Blessed are You, Source of healing. Amen


  • Material: Silver
  • Pendant Size: 1"
  • Chain Length: 18"

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Reviews for A Complete Healing Necklace

A Complete Healing Necklace
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A Complete Healing Necklace
Beautiful necklace. Wonderful price.
I bought this necklace for myself at a retail store after being diagnosed with cancer. Shortly thereafter, I gave it to a mishpocha who received a cancer diagnosis as well. I missed my necklace so I went to purchase another one, but it was out of stock at that retail store. I went online and found the exact same necklace at Alef Bet at a fraction of the price. And knowing that this is also a family owned business, made this purchase even sweeter. Thank you for offering beautiful and meaningful jewelry at a very reasonable price!
A Complete Healing Necklace
Complete Healing Necklace
This is such a lovely idea - to give someone the "mishabayach" prayer as a necklace. I love this! Thank you! I hope I never have a need to give this necklace away, but if and when I do, I can't wait to get a response.
A Complete Healing Necklace
So Special
I gave this to a friend who was battling cancer. It was so touching, it brought tears to her eyes. Beautiful and thoughtful gift!

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