View our entire collection of spiritual jewelry online! Alef Bet offers heart jewelry, evil eye jewelry, protection hamsa pendants and on-trend fashion necklaces. If you are shopping religious gifts we have chai pendants, Star of David charms, and Hebrew jewelry. We hope you find what you are looking for-- be it Judaic or non-Judaic jewelry.

We hope that you have enjoyed browsing our collection of sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry with a religious theme such as a Star of David necklace, evil eye pendant, chai jewelry, hamsa, or other Jewish styles. If you have questions about ordering or about any of our Judaic necklaces don't hesitate to call or email us!
evil eye pendant in 14k gold
Evil Eye Designer Necklace
chai mezuzah
Mezuzah Jewelry
Mezuzah Jewelry
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Heart Necklace, Two Tone in Silver
Heart Necklace, Two Tone in Silver
$10.00 $65.00
diamond pave shema necklace
Shema Necklace in 14K Gold
$699.00 $815.00
Shema Necklace in 14K Gold
Average rating:
Woman of Valor Necklace
Woman of Valor Necklace
evil eye designer necklace
Half Eye Necklace
$299.00 $440.00
ruby pomegranate necklace
Ruby Pomegranate Necklace
Believe Necklace in 14k gold
$118.00 $230.00
opal star of david necklace
Beaded Hamsa Necklace with Chain
Beaded Hamsa Necklace with Chain
$79.99 $104.00
Beaded Hamsa Necklace with Chain
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jewish star necklace
Jewish Star Necklace
star necklace
Black Diamond Star Necklace
eye necklace
opal hamsa necklace on chain
Opal Hamsa Large Necklace
agate stone with diamond hamsa charm
Black Stone Hamsa Necklace
$149.99 $209.00
balance bar diamond necklace
diamond heart necklace
Diamond Pave Heart Necklace
love dog tag necklace
Love Dog Tag Necklace
Love Dog Tag Necklace
Average rating:
diamond daisy necklace
Daisy Diamond Necklace
silver eye necklace
Evil Eye Necklace
blue eye neckalce
Round Evil Eye Necklace
.02 ct diamond solitare
Diamond Mini Solitaire Necklace
Diamond Mini Solitaire Necklace
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Tattoo Heart Necklace
Floral Heart Necklace
Diamond Pave Star Necklace
Sea-droplet Turquoise pendant necklace
Turquoise Pendant Necklace
chai gold necklace
14k Gold Chai Bead Necklace
turquoise dot necklace
Turquoise Dot Pendant
turquoise hamsa necklace
Gem-Dot Hamsa Pendant
$29.99 $42.00
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