Bold Evil Eye Ring

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evil eye white and blue ring
Bold Evil Eye Ring
wide lucky eye ring for women
bold evil eye jewelry for women
protective jewelry for daily wear
protection ring
red bracelet

Customer Reviews

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Bring Them Home

I wore the pieces last night after they arrived literally overnight, I’m taking the photo so unfortunately the pieces are not visible but I wanted to let you know where they went. This is the niece of Yossi and Eli Sharabi, the niece of Itzhak Gelerenter, the twin sister of Nimrod Cohen. These girls are ages 16-19 and are in the unimaginable position to convince the world that their families are real. These are the girls I pray to heal.

Beatrice Katchen

Very beautiful

Diane Roten
Wanted to love…

I was really looking forward to receiving this ring, especially after the good reviews.
The positive - it is a bold looking statement ring and the enamel work seems well done.
The negative - the ring I received is very lightweight, not the “heavy” ring it is advertised as. Nowhere is it marked sterling/925 and when I picked up a suitcase, the ring bent! I realized whatever the metal is I can actually bend it just by squeezing it, something I’ve never had happen with any of my sterling rings.
I gave it 3 stars for the look, but the ring I received is definitely not heavy or sterling.

Janice Martin

This ring looked so pretty in the advertisement. But, when i opened the box, to my surprise, even more gorgeous. Pretty and prottected! I went to their website and ordered more evill eye products, you wont be disapointed!

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