• lucky charm necklace
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  • lucky necklace
  • lucky charm necklace
  • charms of luck pendant
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Lucky Charm Necklace Circular Design for Women



The lucky charm necklace is quite unique.  Made with an infinite circle of life with no ending and no beginnings surrounding charms of luck.

  • A heart for love
  • Horseshoe for protection against bad energy
  • Evil eye to watch over you
  • A round gemstone for perfection

This lucky charm necklace is worn not only for love and beauty but also for protection.

The tiny charms are handmade in sterling silver with sparkling and colorful cubic zircon gemstones. The high-quality stones sparkle and shine, picking up the sparks of light that illuminate your path in life.  

An evil eye is a worldwide known amulet shaped like an eye.  This protection necklace is designed for watching over and guiding you on your journey in life, protecting you.  The good luck charm prevents harm, sending any negative, evil, malicious thoughts right back to whomever intentionally "sent it" to you.

The heart is for endless love and happiness.  A horseshoe faces upwards, so all of your luck remains inside and no bad energy can harm or come near you.  But, best of all is the open, endless circle of the charm.  Your soul shines through the charm, just as there are no beginnings and no ends to the circle, there are no obstacles to stop the blessings of the powers of the charms.

With your new lucky charm necklace, you'll now be watched over and protected, blessed with love, happiness, beauty, good fortune, and prosperity.  Plus, you'll love the way it looks on you.


  • Lucky charm necklace
  • 925 sterling silver
  • Pendant measures 3/4" 
  • Chain is 16" + 2" extender
  • Cubic zircon stones

Customer Reviews

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Elba I Quinones Torres
Lucky charm necklace

It’s very delicate and very pretty

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