• elephant amulet for the bedroom
  • elephant hamsa blessing
  • size of hand
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  • elephant amulet for the bedroom
  • elephant hamsa blessing
  • size of hand
  • home blessing
  • Elephant Hamsa Hand Wall Amulet

Elephant Hamsa Hand Wall Amulet



Elephant hamsa hand wall amulet.

Handmade elephant hamsa hand wall amulet hanging with vibrant hues of blue.  This glass wall hanging for your home brings good luck and prosperity into your life. The amulet blesses you with abundant beauty, luck, good health, and love.

An elephant symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.  With the trunk raised, this attracts good fortune and showers you with positive energy.  The watchful protection is spread  unto all surrounding beings and spaces.
This is a lovely and very artistic piece of art that you will be proud to hang. The handcrafted evil eye hanging on top of the wall hanging is there to guard and protect you and your loved ones.
Hang it on the wall in your home or office. Give it to someone as a housewarming, holiday, or birthday present. Or, gift it to them just because it's pretty.  The abstract, colorful imagery blends and matches most colors.  It is modern, bright and brings a smile to all who see it.
Each amulet is handcrafted from solid glass. Our factory prides itself on crafting uniquely refined and high-quality designs that you will appreciate.
Both the hamsa hand and the evil eye are amulets found all over the world. This ancient piece has no race or religion, but instead blesses and protects everyone. We invite you to bring it into your home and give it as a gift to a loved one who can enjoy the power of this amulet.


  • Elephant with raised trunk
  • Glass hamsa wall ornament
  • 6 inch x 4.13 inch
  • 5mm thick
  • Beautiful shades of colors enhance the beautiful wall ornament

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nurit Ambrose
Love these elephants

I have a wall of Hamsas in my house and I love elephants and this item is a perfect combination of both.

Karen Colley

I was very pleased with my purchase. The elephant hamsa is very pretty. I know that my girls will be pleased as well.

S. P
Very Beautiful!

I just loved all of the products I got. They are very well made. The quality is also very nice! I can’t wait to put them up.

Alisa Brill
Love my purchases

Love my elephant hamsa, evil eye and Star of David. Hung by my front door for extra protection!

Ruby Castle

I loved it so beautiful…l love the elephants also

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It is simple to display your hamsa or evil eye wall amulet in your home:

  • Nail
  • Thumbtack
  • Wall or picture hook

An amulet is meant to bless us and watch over us, keeping us safe from harm and ill-will.  Folklore says if the amulet breaks or is damaged in any way, shape, or form that means it has absorbed any intent of harm coming in your direction.