Elephant Hamsa Hand Amulet Wall Hanging and Evil Eye

$27.00 USD
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Not only a gorgeous hamsa hand wall hanging for your office or home but an amulet artfully displaying multiple amulets for protection and good luck.

  • An elephant symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, watchful protection.  With the trunk raised in your home thought to attract good fortune, as it showers its positive energy out of the trunk and into all surrounding beings and spaces
  • An evil eye is an amulet that guides, its watchful gaze keeping harm away.
  • Glass hamsa wall ornament
  • 6 inch x 4.13 inch
  • 5mm thick
  • Beautiful shades of colors enhance the beautiful wall ornament

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Ruby Castle

I loved it so beautiful…l love the elephants also

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It is simple to display your hamsa or evil eye wall amulet in your home:

  • Nail
  • Thumbtack
  • Wall or picture hook

An amulet is meant to bless us and watch over us, keeping us safe from harm and ill-will.  Folklore says if the amulet breaks or is damaged in any way, shape, or form that means it has absorbed any intent of harm coming in your direction.