Ammo Jewelry from Israel


Ammo Jewelry from Israel - Alef Bet by Paula

Ammo jewelry from Israel gun shell casings.

Making an ammo pendant or pair of earrings from vintage Israeli gun casings.
Side note: The debate on gun control is not going to be part of this blog post. So if you're in the mindset to argue the 2nd amendment, not here. There are plenty of places online to do so.
Ammo jewelry is available on the market in the form of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can go to a plethora of websites to find them, but ours is unique.
Teaming up with an established jeweler that specializes in ammo jewelry, we've been able to source an incredible find.
1970s Israeli ammo from Israel.
 box of ammo from israel for jewelry
Vintage indeed.
box of israel product
As you can see, these casings are authentic.  
markings of the purchase of ammo
The sale of the casings was from a legal dealer in the United States. This person specializes in the authenticity of foreign ammo. The ammo originated and was designed for training. It was not used in wars, battles, or defending the country. It was for training purposes.
bullet from israel for jewelry purposes
As you can see, the bullets look nothing like the jewelry.
It's a tedious and long process to reconstruct the vintage bullet shell casing from what it was. We grind and polish the casing to create high luster in the metal. Thereafter, the brass must be plated in 925 sterling silver. This creates the ammo jewelry from Israel casing to appear as they do here.
Finally, we set the center with a genuine Swarovski crystal.
If you take a close look at the features of the ammo jewelry, you'll see markings in Hebrew.
pendant with hebrew
Listed on the casing is both the year and the serial numbers. Since these shells were purchased in large lots, it makes it easier to match up the numbers. We try to do our best when selling a pair of earrings, or a set. A set would include a necklace with a pair of earrings.
If you're interested in wearing history, try these Israeli bullet 9mm caliber casings.
The ammo jewelry is for you.
ammo jewelry from israel
Be proud, be strong.
May Israel always have the power and the right to exist.

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