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Your home is not complete without a hamsa to usher in happiness, health, laughter and love.  This amulet, much like a hand, transmits this positive energy while at the same time pushing back the negative energy.

Come create a collection of hamsa wall art with these decorative wall hangings.

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Judaica Star of David and Hamsa Wall Hanging for Your Home


Hamsa Hand With Fish Amulet Wall Hanging and Evil Eye


Orange Colored Hamsa Glass Wall Hanging



Star of David Bracelet with Blue Opal


Hamsa Opal Bracelet

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photo courtesy Tablet Magazine Zach Banner

Could One Bracelet Unite the USA?

Speaking up against racism, discrimination and antisemitism is not easy. It is a taboo subject that stirs so many emotions in every one of us.  But, when Zach Banner got on Instagram and spoke from his heart, tears filled up in my eyes and we hope that you'll join us in donating to Mr. Banner's charity, B3Foundation, because if we as a community can educate our youth, we can change the world for the better.

Time for Some New Baubles to Protect You

Evil eyes to watch over and protect you are designed to keep up with the current trends.  A simple bracelet, a heavy link chain and a pair of great hamsa hand yoga-inspired earrings are all part of the new collection. Take a look!
Time for Some New Baubles to Protect You