Hebrew Blessing Necklace That Is Light and Airy

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The Hebrew prayer, Shema Israel, is the most important prayer in the Jewish religion.

It symbolically reads in Hebrew, "Hear O'Israel, the Lord is Our G-d, the Lord is One." Only a portion of the scripture is actually on the pendant.  What a lovely testament to one's faith, making this the perfect gift for any occasion.

With a hint of skin showing through the lettering, this light and airy pendant is ideal for everyday wear.  Holding the history and words of scripture so close to your heart is priceless.

*Allow up to 3 weeks delivery on each pendant.

  • 14k gold pendant measures 3/4"
  • Description card is included, making it ideal for gift giving
  • Each piece is custom made.  Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery 
  • Chain Length: 16" but custom size is available.

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