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photo courtesy Tablet Magazine Zach Banner

Could One Bracelet Unite the USA?

Speaking up against racism, discrimination and antisemitism is not easy. It is a taboo subject that stirs so many emotions in every one of us.  But, when Zach Banner got on Instagram and spoke from his heart, tears filled up in my eyes and we hope that you'll join us in donating to Mr. Banner's charity, B3Foundation, because if we as a community can educate our youth, we can change the world for the better.

Time for Some New Baubles to Protect You

Evil eyes to watch over and protect you are designed to keep up with the current trends.  A simple bracelet, a heavy link chain and a pair of great hamsa hand yoga-inspired earrings are all part of the new collection. Take a look!
Time for Some New Baubles to Protect You
Why Am I Itchy When I Wear Silver?

Why Am I Itchy When I Wear Silver?

Why do I break out an itch when I wear jewelry?  I just bought a new piece and look at my skin!? 

Does this sound familiar?  Here is the reason why--- you didn't buy a genuine piece of silver or gold.

Why Are We So Enamored with Elephants?

Elephants are one of the world’s greatest animals. They symbolize strength and nobility and are loyal to the pack. We admire this mammal and celebrate it with figurines, good luck symbols and jewelry.

love of an elephant
Strudel That Came in a Shoe Box

Strudel That Came in a Shoe Box

My Auntie Blanche, aka just Auntie, made a mean and delicious strudel.  It is easy, tasty, full of calories and people will rave about for weeks.  The recipe originated most likely from her immigrant Russian parents but we claim it as a Denver original.

We're Not Just Planting a Tree for Father's Day This Year | Gift This Pendant

Father's Day gift idea this year is a tree of life charm. A tree is for life, growth, blossoming and family.
tree of life charm
hebrew chai

What is the Meaning of Chai | A Celebration of Life

May you be blessed with a long, healthy life.  A life of blessings and happiness, of prosperity and abundance.  May you know no harm, no pain, and only success.

Mixed Metals Allowed That Means Silver, Gold and Rose Gold

Charm Bracelet Rules, rules, rules. Women should never wear a ring on the ring finger of their left hand unless it’s an engagement ring or wedding band. Don’t mix real gemstones with fakes. Never wear a bracelet and watch on the same wrist. Your jewelry pieces should always match each other. Never mix metals
two tone metals
how to display jewelry

Jewelry as Home Decor not in a Drawer

Out of sight, out of mind. How many times have you forgotten you own a piece of jewelry because it’s tucked away in a box or drawer? Have you considered putting it on display? If you like to scour flea markets and antique malls, then consider these ideas to repurpose items to showcase your jewelry in your home.

Seriously, How Come You Make Face Masks Now?

You know--

We started our company, Alef Bet, designing jewelry, and never ever did we dream about incorporating face masks into our line.

To be honest, had you asked us back in April about fabrics, you would have been met with a blank stare. What do I know about cotton and fleece, polyester and raw edges?  Zip.

But, what we have learned during these new times is how to navigate and adapt.  

We do know the most important thing is our customers and your loyalty-- you are our #1 priority.

We are always thinking of you.

face mask what's the rage