Silver Necklaces

Sterling silver necklaces for all faiths.  Full of spiritual undertones, religious symbols, evil eyes and hamsa--- all designed to create with memories.
Gold Peace Sign Necklace Sale
Gold Peace Sign Necklace
$15.00 $10.00
blue evil eye bead necklace Sale
Blue Evil Eye Bead Necklace
$18.00 $16.00
blue lucky evil eye charm necklace Sale
Evil Eye Navy Blue Necklace Watchful
$35.00 $18.00
hebrew name necklace
Hebrew Name Necklace
from $18.00
outline heart necklace
Outline Heart Necklace in Silver
heart and arrow silver necklace Sale
Heart and Arrow Silver Necklace
$36.00 $20.00
silver chai necklace
Chai Charm with Sparking Stones in Silver
hamsa hand in gold and silver Sale
Hamsa Hand Charm Golden and Silver Pendant
$36.00 $25.00
hamsa necklace with infinity sign Sale
Infinity Hamsa Necklace in Sterling Silver
$28.00 $25.00
star of david necklace in silver
Judaica Star of David Necklace
pink hamsa necklace
Pink Opal Hamsa Hand Necklace
balance bar necklace Sale
Golden Line Charm Necklace
$45.00 $30.00