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Sale Items

Sale items in gold and silver jewelry constantly change. Be sure to check back regularly.
hamsa necklace with infinity sign Sale
Infinity Hamsa Necklace in Sterling Silver
$28.00 $25.00
American Flag and Protective Eye Glass Wall Hanging Sale
American Flag and Protective Eye Glass Wall Hanging
$22.00 $18.00
jewish mom jewelry Sale
Mom Jewish Star Necklace
$61.00 from $52.00
chai silver necklace Sale
Chai Bar Necklace in Silver
$45.00 $35.00
colorful rainbow amulet bracelet Sale
Rainbow Gold Evil Eye Bracelet
$45.00 $39.99
evil eye charm black Sale
Evil Eye Medallion Charm
$30.00 from $22.00
hamsa hand in gold and silver Sale
Hamsa Hand Charm Golden and Silver Pendant
$36.00 $25.00
Round Cross Necklace Sale
Round Cross Necklace
$36.00 $24.99
Mom Necklace in Sterling Silver Sale
Mom Necklace in Sterling Silver
$48.00 $36.00
blue lucky evil eye charm necklace Sale
Evil Eye Navy Blue Necklace Watchful
$35.00 $18.00
Hamsa hand and evil eye necklace Sale
Hamsa with Lucky Evil Eye Necklace
$48.00 $35.00
hebrew necklace Sale
Chai Hebrew Tag Necklace
$38.00 $35.00
Gold Peace Sign Necklace Sale
Gold Peace Sign Necklace
$15.00 $10.00
heart and arrow silver necklace Sale
Heart and Arrow Silver Necklace
$36.00 $20.00
angel wing necklace Sale
Angel Wings Dog Tag Necklace
$139.00 $69.00
compass necklace Sale
Compass Dog Tag Necklace | Alef Bet Jewelry by Paula
$139.00 $68.00
hamsa charm for women Sale
Hamsa Bar Necklace in Silver
$45.00 $35.00
Lady Charm | Golden Sale
Lady Charm | Golden
$150.00 $120.00