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Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas - Alef Bet by Paula

Bar Mitzvah gifts for boys.

What is appropriate to gift a boy for his bar mitzvah, are there certain amounts of money that are recommended and just some plain gift ideas in this blog?

Boys are hard to shop for, let's be honest.

Gift cards and cash are the simplest and easiest path to take, we will be honest with you.

First, what is a bar mitzvah?

You can read the long version on the link above, or the short version-- it is a calling up of a child, a rite of passage when they are able to lead the congregation in prayer.

In response, we celebrate their passage into adulthood and recognize their long and hard achievement with a celebration.

And with that celebration, we gift a gift to the bar mitzvah boy that we acknowledge his hard work.

So, what is the appropriate bar mitzvah gift?

silver chai

We recommend taking a long, hard look at the boy.

Call his mother, ask his friends-- especially if you do not "know" this young man.

Some boys "rock jewelry," some love sports, others adore gaming.

We also know that there isn't a kid out there that doesn't love money.

Find out what he likes, and if you're wondering what the appropriate gift amount to give is, we have a nice article on the etiquette of gift-giving for a bar/bat mitzvah.

An idea for a bar mitzvah gift is always jewelry.

It is important to have jewelry that, even if you don't wear it at this time in your life, you have a Jewish piece of jewelry that reminds you of your faith, your ancestors, your religious roots.

This is a religious celebration after all.

This is my adorable nephew, he requested this star for his bar mitzvah.

A star of David is a symbolic piece of jewelry that is associated with Judaism.hebrew necklace

A Hebrew letter, CHAI, is a meaningful gift as well.

The two-letter combination represents LIFE. This is a blessing for a long, healthy, happiness and wonderful life. Very appropriate for gifting for any Jewish occasion, truth be told.

Another idea for the Bar Mitzvah boy is a mezuzah necklace.

A mezuzah necklace holds a Jewish prayer inside of the cylinder. Generally found on doorposts of homes (inside and out), this is a commandment from God to basically keep the words of the Torah close to your heart and soul.

A mezuzah is among the top ten Jewish jewelry gifts that are highly "giftable" and well-received.

If you've decided to gift a piece of jewelry to a Bar Mitzvah boy, but find that you want to spend more than the cost of a piece of jewelry offered, we have a solution.

Do both!

The gift amount can still be whatever you decide but include it with a piece of jewelry that he can take with him, and always remember that this pendant was from his Bar Mitzvah. He won't remember what he spent his money on, but he will remember that gift you gave him, we promise.

To see the entire suggested collection of bar mitzvah gifts offered by Alef Bet by Paula, please visit the Bar Mitzah collection here.

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Hello. I’m writing on behalf of a customer at the Beth Sholom Gift Shop. She’s looking for a gold mezuzah for a boy. I don’t see anything on line. Do you have one?

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