Evil Eye Keyrings for Men and Women


Evil Eye Keyrings for Men and Women - Alef Bet by Paula

Evil eye keychains are exactly what you'll want for added style as well as protection to hold your car keys, house keys, or office 

With six colors to chose from, these high-quality, vegan leather keychains host a solid Turkish evil eye in the center. You'll want to buy right away for yourself and as a gift for others.

The color choices are as follows:

  • Tawny Brown

  • Cloud Grey

  • Denim Blue

  • Cherry Red

  • Fern Green

  • Rouge Pink

This Instagram reel shows the colors and the keychains perfectly, so we've linked it here for you to view.

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 What you're going to really love about this amulet keychain is the quality.

They go above and beyond your normal vegan leather quality. Each piece is stitched with care and precision, and you're truly going to be impressed with the final design. Here's a closeup of the backside of the pleather.



Back side of the keychain

If you'd like to learn more about what the colors of an evil eye represent, there is an entire blog about the powers and meanings of the ancient amulet that we know you'll enjoy reading.

Also, may we recommend reading about the many names of an evil eye that are found throughout the world on the blog.


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