How to Measure Your Ring Size

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Wondering how to measure your ring size?

It's actually very easy to measure your finger and figure out your ring size at home.

1. Grab a piece of string.  Dental floss works.

2. A ruler, find the millimeter side.

3. Wrap the string around your finger.

4. Cut

5. Lay on the ruler and measure it on the millimeter side.

6. See the chart here:

ring size chart

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2 comentarios

  • Ameerah

    My ring size is. Measured at 21.4 mm size 12 can I even get a ring that size? Lol sorryyy everything Gere is too small

  • June

    Is there such a thing as child sizes? My 5 year old granddaughter likes jewelry. Maybe that’s a whole new market to explore and exploit?

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