5 Uses for Tea Trays You Never Thought About


5 Uses for Tea Trays You Never Thought About - Alef Bet by Paula

5 uses for a tea tray that you never thought about. 

Hey there tea lovers! Are you tired of using your small, boring trays for just tea time? Well, have no fear because the evil eye tea tray is here to save the day with its versatile uses!

Aside from tea, which is always a good idea, what else would you use this tray in your home for?

tea tray with cookies

First of all, let's discuss the reason this tray is even called a tea tray.   Due to the size, on the small.

Firstly, don't let the name fool you.

This tray may be called a tea tray, but it's small size (9.5" x 6") makes it perfect for personal use.  This is an individual tray, therefore, a tea tray.

We'd like to recommend using it for personal use.  A way to spoil yourself, in any sense of the word. 

You know, when you're craving a slice of homemade butter cake that is hot out of the oven, and you're the only one home?  Normally, you'd just grab a napkin and eat it right off the paper. 

But, no not this time. 

cake with a tray

 Cake and a tray for myself

Use your tea tray with a lovely pattern on it. Place the slice of cake on the tray, grab a fork or a spoon and spoil yourself!

The next way to use a tea tray is right next to your sink in the kitchen. Rather than placing your wet, dirty sponge and hand soap next to the sink, change things up a bit.  Place them on a tray next to the kitchen sink.  Likewise, you can put the tray in the bathroom or guest bathroom and rest your liquid soap bottle on it.

kitchen evil eye tray

If you have guests over, take small dishes and place dried fruit or nuts in the dishes.  Place those on top of the tray and it instantly becomes beautiful.

Try serving delicious cookies with a hot cup of coffee as well for a beautiful, personalized delicacy.

Sivan's Kitchen Cookies

Let's take the small evil eye tea tray to the office. 

Yes, the office.  Use it to hold all the assorted knick-knacks that gather on your desk. Calculators, pens, pencils, even paperclips. 

Get yourself organized, and attractive.

use for the office desk

Office organized

You can even place your jewelry and glasses on the evil eye tea tray.  Lose change, cell phones, keys. 

So sorry, that is more ideas than five.  


With so many uses, the evil eye tea tray is a must-have in every home. And if you have any other brilliant ideas, we want to hear them!

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