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Best Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas On Amazon - Alef Bet by Paula

Jewish 12 to 13-year-old girls and Bat Mitzvah gift ideas, we've been asked what to give and how much you need to spend per occasion. 

Let's take a "tour:"

jewish bat mitzvah girl

There are a few items that are a must.

We'll list these Judaic pieces for you to see, but when we say they are a must, we're not saying you have to buy all of them.  One will do nicely, thank you very much.


A sentimental pendant or bracelet that connects the Bat Mitzvah girl to her faith and her heritage, that she can wear all the time-- totally worth it!

Choose a piece of jewelry that isn't put in the family safe, that isn't too large to wear and something that is age-appropriate.  Remember, she is 12 or 13 years old so you don't need to buy her something that she won't wear until her wedding.

Instead, choose a piece of jewelry that is to be worn every day-- with pride.

She did just study and prepare for this moment.  There most likely was years and years of Hebrew school classes taken to get her ready for today's event.

As shown above, the Shema Israel is a lovely choice.

The bat mitzvah girl for sure read this prayer in her Torah service while up on the bimah in front of the Temple congregation.

love and star necklace

A Jewish Star 

Judaica at is best--a Jewish star necklace that is current, fashionable and the best selling necklace in the Judaic category on Amazon-- that would be the one on the girl in the leather jacket.

Full disclosure: this love and star necklace can often be found on Jewish women too, just sayin' it isn't only for teens!

Bracelets are also super popular with this teenage age group.

Then tend to pile on the pieces, creating an arm party worth envying.

The key though is to buy a bracelet that they won't have to take off all the time and ask for help putting it on and off.

best friend jewish bracelets


Perhaps jewelry might not be her "thing," that's ok.

There are classic pieces of gorgeous Judaic that are very traditional gifts like candlestick holders for Shabbat and wine goblets (yes, it's customary even if they aren't 21 years old to give) for kiddush on Shabbat.  

shabbat candlesticks for bat mitzvah present

The sets will all vary in price, of course.

And what you decide to spend on the Bat Mitzvah gift, well, that varies as well.  

Presents can range from $18 for a friend-to-a-friend all the way up to paying for your own seat, to the thousands.

You can read a better explanation here on gifting etiquette.


bat mitzvah idea

Tzedakah boxes, for collecting charity to give to others is also a very traditional gift  One of the commandments in Judaism, a righteous act of kindness, is to give charity to others less fortunate.

tzedakah box

And since the Bat Mitzvah girl is following the commandments of Judaism, tzedakah boxes are a very meaningful gift.


Mezuzah,  a decorative prayer casing, is also a lovely choice to give a Bat Mitzvah girl.  I would just recommend something youthful.  Remember, it is for the inside of her house, most likely her bedroom, and not the front door of the house.
The hanging of the mezuzah is one of the oldest and most widely respected Jewish traditions involving the display of a specially inscribed piece of parchment in the doorframe of a Jewish home.



Just be sure that when you are ordering a mezuzah to check if there is a kosher scroll included  

Now, there doesn't have to be one for you to gift this.

The scroll will make the price go up beyond the case itself, but it is something to watch out for when making your decision based on price.

There is nothing wrong with gifting a gorgeous mezuzah without the scroll, the bat mitzvah girl can purchase one later on.


And finally, when all else stumps you for gifts to buy there is always a t-shirt or a mug that says something clever like Jewnicorn.

jewnicorn shirt for bat mitzvah girl

This mug is one that you can personalize in Hebrew.

It's actually a very clever idea!

hebrew name gift

We hope we've given you some ideas on what to buy for a Bat Mitzvah gift for a teenage girl on Amazon.

Let us know if you need any extra help or have found anything amazing and would like us to add to this list of great Amazon Jewish finds!

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