Red String Best Friend Bracelets Keeps The Bond Strong


Red String Best Friend Bracelets Keeps The Bond Strong - Alef Bet by Paula

Best friend bracelets with red string of fate to always keep the bond between the two of you strong, even if you're far apart. 

friendship jewelry

Friendship bracelets

Best Friends.

What is a best friend?

Is it a childhood friend that you grew up with and basically have known forever?

Is it a person you met in later years in life and the two of you just meshed perfectly?

Is it a family member, maybe a sister or a cousin?

What is a best friend?

You tell me-- 

friendship bracelets

Matching friendship bracelets

There are so many ways to honor friendship, so many ways to also ruin a friendship--but lets not go there now!

Let's focus on honoring a cherished friend, a soulmate.  

There is actually a Chinese folkloric tale about friendship, fate, and wearing a red string.

It's an ancient and beautiful dedication of commitment that unites you and your soulmate through something physical and visual-- a piece of red string.

Chinese tradition says that the string has the potential to bind two individuals by the supreme power of love and mutual trust.

Distance doesn't matter-- you can be a block away, a house away, or a continent away from one another but that connection between the two of you will always remain strong and powerful. 


So, this year gift your bestie with a red string bracelet.

Or just call and tell him or her you are thankful for them and thinking of them.

But, if you want to have a little something to bind the two of you together, these unisex bracelets are exactly what you're looking for.  They are for sale at Alefbet, and one size fits all-- from babies to adults.


red string bracelet men and women


Designed to fit any wrist, these waterproof bracelets easily open and close with a simple pull and a slide of the nylon string. 

No-fuss at all jewelry.

From a baby to a teen from a mom to a dad, to a grandparent-- these bracelets are truly unisex and one size fits all.

This macramé cord style red string bracelet is offered with your choice of good luck charms: round sparkling stone, star, or oblong evil eye or round lucky eye.

The charms are made from sterling silver and plated in 14k yellow gold, so there really is never a reason to remove the bracelet from your wrist-- swim, shower, workout, or hang out and watch tv while wearing the red string friendship bracelet.

So, regardless of where you are in life and wherever your loved one is located, send them a red string and let them know you're thinking of them.

Here's some ideas:

Summer camp



New job


New mom

New home

The list goes on and on.

Here's the link to check out the bracelets at or over on

friendship jewelry when you're away from eachother

Red string bracelets available on Amazon

Curios about what the evil eye charm is all about, and the three types of evil looming in the background of our lives, check it out here. 

Of course, we don't ever want anything harmful coming to anyone "pooh, pooh, pooh!" as our grandmothers would say! 

So, if you're looking to buy a friendship bracelet, or a family bracelet, or a loved one bracelet look no further than Alef Bet Jewelry.

Let us know who'd you love to wear this bracelet set with and why! 



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4 comentarios

My best friend is Rosemarie over 20yrs and different coasts shes the sister I never had


My BF is Sarah!

Karen Mack

My best friend is my challenged daughter Julie. She amazes me in her strength and compassion which give me the courage I need to overcome things in my life.

Ellen Hoffman

My best friend is my sister. I am able to tell her anything with no judgment. She is sweet, kind, generous and we share a bond even though we are 10 years apart.

Sharon Persofsky

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