OMG-- What Do I Buy for a Bat Mitzvah Girl?


OMG-- What Do I Buy for a Bat Mitzvah Girl? - Alef Bet by Paula

Mazel tov !

Best Gifts for a Bat or Bas Mitzvah

Oh, to have a daughter.

To have a Jewish daughter.

OK, we’re not Rabbis.

But to have a Jewish daughter, speaking as Jewish mothers, is a flowering of joy.

Judaism often is accused of being patriarchal.

Again, we don’t need to go there.

Think Ruth.

Think Esther.

In some places of engaged Jewishness these days, we observe a ceremony for a new baby girl called Simchat Bat – “the joy of the daughter.”

This mystery, this midnight, this crescent moon, this unfolding rose, this girl-child.

It’s a new world, and your daughter will not spend her life in the shadows, subordinate to a man, most likely.

So by the time she’s 12, 13, she’s heading out into the huge world with a mind of her own.

This can be an exhilarating, intimidating experience for the young lady—and a bittersweet realization for her parents.

Sunrise, sunset…

Planning her Bat or Bas, therefore, will require communication with the daughter who is being called to the Law.

Today’s Bas or Bat is usually a pretty light-hearted affair.

Can we say, it’s all about the socks?

We don’t make or sell socks, but we’ve gotten a few invitations to a Bat lately that include a pair of plushy socks with “gripper dots” (which sort of feel like gummi bears!).

The reason for the socks: so ladies can slip off their heels once the party really starts to rock.

And here’s the bigger gifting situation: if you’re the parent of the BMG, you will be throwing a heck of a party.

When planning, keep in mind the number 18.  

This numeral—Chet = 8, Yud =10, so 8 + 10 = 18, and 18 represents Chai, to Life!

Multiples of 18, whether it’s the number of guests, the dollar-amount of a cash gift (18, 36, 54, 72—add zeros at will!), and so on, will all bring your BMG lots of mazel.

Also, here’s this: it’s possible, even likely, that some of the guests at the Bat will not be Jewish.

Besties bond across all boundaries today!

With this possibility in mind, we suggest guest favors that aren’t explicitly religious in theme.

You know those led light up toys that everyone leaves behind at the end of the party?  You can find them on Amazon now-- they are safe and easy.

But, most likely you'll want to buy a party favor that matches the theme of the celebration.  Be sure to include your BMG on this one-- don't forget they sure do have opinions!

But, what to gift a budding young lady?  

We like to think of something a bit Jewish, not too much over-the-top, but a piece of jewelry that will remind them of the "big day."

For a slightly hipper gift for young ladies, check out our hand-beaded bracelets in silver, yellow or rose gold.

Just warning you – lots of moms actually covet this edgy yet classic piece for themselves — so better have a few extra on hand! 

Ditto for our hand-woven Star of David bracelet.  In shades of green, blue, and other colors– you can’t go wrong. 

And it's one size fits all, so it makes for very easy and tasteful gift-giving. You'll be the "star" when you gift a gift for the young lady that absolutely deserves star treatment on the day of the Bat.


We have many lovely options for buying in multiples.

Some are fit for a princess.  

Some are a little more casual.

Connect with us at 818 882 9030 or online at, and whether you’re getting guest-prezzies for 18 or 180, we’ll guide you to something that’s really perfect for a specific Jewish daughter and her circle of besties as she makes this powerful and poignant step.

We’ve got so many really exquisite pieces—especially pendants and bracelets– that are perfect for the cherished Bat-Girl (those décor themes really can get out of hand!), that we recommend you simply call us.  

A very dainty, feminine gold pendant, whether a Mogan David, Hamsa, or eye, on a delicate chain, is always appropriate for a young lady taking this transformational life-step.

We have many variations, and can guide you to something that is perfect for the Bat Mitzvah Girl.

A few things we love for the BMG and possibly her mother and other matriarchs: delicate diamond pave Star pendant on fine gold chain, Jewish Star pave diamonds set in 14k gold, or the same Magen David in sterling silver, perhaps even a pendant with LOVE.

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