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Give Your Home Good Vibes With Lucky Symbols - Alef Bet by Paula

Good vibes and positive energy are welcome here!

Want to lift the energy in your home? We’ve got six lucky items you need to give your home good vibes.

We can all use a little extra luck from time to time, especially when moving into a new apartment home, dorm room, or when you just want to give your current living space a renewed feeling of luck and prosperity.

Throughout history different cultures have used symbols, objects, and rituals to dispel bad vibes and increase their health, wealth, and harmony at home. Here are the top lucky objects believed to bring dwellers good fortune and ward off bad luck!

Hang an Evil Eye

An evil eye is an ancient symbol associated with an all-seeing eye that brings good fortune and guards against misfortune. It acts as a shield, deflecting negative energy and warding off the envious gazes of others. 

It also serves as a reminder to stay humble, seek blessings, and protect oneself from harm.  Hang on any wall in your home, even above your doors leading in and out of the home to carry its protection with you on your journey.

Fresh Air and Natural Light:

This might sound basic but open windows regularly.  Let fresh air circulate and allow natural light to enter their home. Natural elements can have a positive impact on the energy within a space and improve your home's blessings. 


Keep your home well-lit, especially during evenings. Darkness can symbolize stagnation and negativity.

Plants for Home Blessings

Known for their ability to absorb toxins and improve air quality, large houseplants with pleasing round shapes promote gentle, nourishing energy, according to Feng Shui experts.

These plants not only bring brightness and vibrancy to any room but also enhance the flow of positive energy throughout your home.

One such lucky houseplant is the Snake Plant, also known as the mother-in-law's tongue. Besides being considered good luck, snake plants are low-maintenance, requiring little light and water, making them perfect for even first-time plant owners. They not only help increase oxygen flow but also act as natural filters, purifying the air and promoting a healthier living environment.

By incorporating these lucky houseplants into your living space, you can boost positive energy, improve air quality, and create a harmonious environment that attracts good luck and prosperity.

Remember to place these plants mindfully in different areas of your home to enhance the specific energy you want to attract. Whether you place them in the living room, bedroom, or office, these houseplants are sure to bring a refreshing and fortunate vibe.

Hamsa Hand:

Hamsa Hand for Home

Adding a Hamsa Hand to your home's decor can serve as a powerful talisman to ward off negative energies and bring positive vibes into your living space. The open palm of the Hamsa Hand is said to symbolize a hand's ability to receive blessings and prosperity.

It is a visual reminder to bring positive energy wherever you go. The luck will follow you, guide you, and protect you when you open and close a door, which is why a hamsa keychain is a great idea.

Remember to choose a Hamsa Hand that resonates with you personally, and consider its design, color, and material to complement your home's decor. By incorporating this ancient symbol into your interior design, you can add both aesthetic charm and spiritual significance to your home, inviting positivity, protection, and good luck into your life.


Yes, kindness.  This can't be bought, but it can be gifted.  Give back to the community and engage in acts of kindness. Generosity and compassion attract positive energy. 

Remember, the energy you put out into the world often finds its way back to you. So, make your home a sanctuary of positivity and invite good fortune into your life!

Fruit Bowl: 

At first glance, the bowl of fruit on your counter may seem like a simple and healthy snack choice. However, in the world of feng shui, it becomes a powerful combination of imagery and potential good luck, if you know how to decode its symbolism. Different fruits carry distinct meanings in feng shui, making them more than just delicious treats.

fruit bowl


Grapes are associated with abundance and success. By having them in your fruit bowl, you invite the energies of prosperity and achievement into your home.

Oranges are believed to ward off bad luck. Placing oranges in your fruit bowl can act as a protective charm, ensuring negative energies stay at bay.

Peaches are rich in symbolism, signifying immortality and long-lasting vitality. Including peaches in your fruit bowl can symbolize a wish for good health and a fulfilling life.

Apples represent peace and harmony. Having them in the home creates an environment of tranquility and understanding within your home.

Finally, pineapples are considered powerful symbols of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. Including a pineapple in your fruit bowl can attract abundance and good fortune into your life.

Think of your personal interests and values:

Find a good luck charm that reflects your personal interests and values. Also consider the symbolism of the object you are choosing. It should match your intention.

Choose something that brings you happiness

A good luck charm should bring you joy. This helps bring positive energy into your life. So, choose something that you genuinely enjoy looking at, wearing, or holding.  

Make it personal

A good luck charm is more effective if it has personal significance to you. It could be a charm that a loved one gave to you, or one that you have special memories with.

When you're ready to begin guarding your living space against negative energies, you have to simply begin.  These simple changes will give your home good vibes!  And always remember, a home with energy full of love and gratitude, perpetual joy, and good fortune is one you'll want to live in.


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