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Bring Home Hostage Bar Kupershtein

What if you didn't know where your child was?

Was he sleeping?

Being cared for?

Given his medicine?

A warm blanket at night?

There are over one hundred hostages that were brutally kidnapped on October 7, 2024. They were taken, by force, into the pits of hell in Gaza.

That's why Alef Bet wants to join with you, to send help.

Two necklaces have been dedicated as a 100% donation to benefit the fund established to help Bar and his family.

100% of your purchase will be donated to "Bring Bar Home"

Each necklace has a significant meaning connected to bringing awareness to Bar Kupershtein.

The universe watches over and protects us.

The powerful all-seeing eye provides protection and luck. The brilliant rays of the sun communicate with the moon, keeping in mind the planets and their energy in the center of the world.

The universe is lead by the almighty, and we can only pray for a miracle. May we use this charm as a reminder to see beauty in the world, even when the darkness surrounds us.


Sterling silver + 14k gold plate

Cubic zirconia gemstones

1" pendant on an adjustable chain

Chai for Life: praying for a Health and Blessings

Your Help Is Needed

On October 7, 2023 Bar Kupershtein was working at the Nova Festival as a bouncer.

"The kind of person who will always help change a person's flat tire, even when dressed in white."

How was Bar Kupershtein "chosen" to receive this donation:  Alef Bet met Bar's family in Los Angeles in March 2024.  They were here to raise awareness about his kidnapping, family situation, and to bring home the hostage.

Upon meeting Din, Bar's best friend, and Bar's brothers, we knew help was necessary.

100% of your purchase will be donated to Bar Kupershtein's family.

For more information, or to make a direct donation please click the button below.

Bring Home the Hostages

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