End of the Year Thank You and Grad Gifts That Steal the Show


End of the Year Thank You and Grad Gifts That Steal the Show - Alef Bet by Paula

End of the year-- no not December.

June is the really the "end of the year" for students.

Graduations and school ending really do mark the days for our kids to put the educational learning aside and "end the year."

The academic year.

It's a time for celebration as you look back at your achievements and see the progression made by all.  

It's also a great time for gift giving and here's a list of some jewelry pieces that you'll enjoy.

1. Teachers

Well, we all know how special they are! 

Without a teacher we wouldn't be reading, writing and applying mathematical thinking in our daily lives.

They definitely are the basis for our learning and growth.

Like a tree, teachers and educators are the roots in our lives that have given us the knowledge, the growth, to prosper and flourish.


If you have a male teacher, he might prefer something a little more masculine and heavy-- so this is the suggested Tree of Education gift for a guy.

It's wider, longer and has a much heavier feel and look that men prefer to wear.

tree necklace for male teacher

And what about graduates?

Hope without doubt -- Dream without fear -- and Love without limits.

graduation necklace for all hopes and dreams

One necklace says it all:




This three charm set really sets the stage for life's future.

Love to your fullest extent

Hope without limitations

And may you fulfill all of life's dreams

Perfect gift for a graduation gift from middle school through college.

However, if you're looking for something with a religious tone, we'll point you in a different direction.

rose gold cross necklace

Rose gold cross pendants are always a lovely faith based gift and can be found over on Amazon at this link.

Jewish star necklace for graduation

This Jewish Star pendant is very similar to the cross pendant above in size and shape.  It makes a lovely religious gift as well.

leather star bracelet for men

Men enjoy jewelry as well and this leather bracelet fits a masculine style and even adjusts to fit most wrist sizes.

See it on Amazon.com here.

tiny hamsa necklace

And of course, we can't forget our preschool graduates and kindergarten grads!

This adorable hamsa necklace, also known as a hand of Fatima, is a great gift to inspire further learning and education. 

Dainty and cute, this hamsa comes in four colors.

See it here.


To all the graduates and their families-- to all the teachers and educators congratulations and thank you!

May you continue to inspire, to learn and to never stop learning!






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