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Cute Pins #founditonamazon - Alef Bet by Paula

As I spent my day absolutely doing nothing but playing on the computer I came across the hashtag #ifounditonamazon.

Come on-- this section is amazing! 

I had to share the pieces I am thinking of buying myself, others, and maybe my kids.  I just might have to send a few gag gifts off to summer camp too.  

I mean why not embarrass the kids, right?

Ok, maybe not these exact ones, but OMG too funny, right?



bullshit remover pin

These are just too cute!

Check out the pins below--- All of the rainbows and pineapples.  

So many choices to choose from!

pins for backpacks and jackets

So, after browsing the pins and seeing how cute they are all, and after buying the bullshit repellent one--- I decided I need an evil eye and hamsa pin.  I mean, come on-- my phone case has one, the jewelry that is always on body has a hamsa, so a pin is totally in need!

After searching 142 pages of pins... and lots of money later (Amazon has a habit of doing that to you) I found two good looking ones.  The rainbow eye is the first, but the second one I personally prefer.


rainbow evil eye pin


It's just more traditional in the "look".

blue evil eye pin for backpacks and clothing

There was a cute hamsa pin too.  I am not 100% sure about the color, but it is a very cute design!  All of the lucky symbols and swirls are found in the design, making it unique.

hamsa pin for clothing

Of course, no pin collection would be complete without a bit of humor.  I mean, would your kids crack up (or roll their eyes at you is more like it) if you sent them this dog pin to Jewish camp this summer?

Jewish dog pin

It's so cute!

My tweenager would kill me.

You know what, I'm ordering it anyhow! 

Camp Alonim guess what will be arriving soon!  LOL!!

For me, I'm getting the bitch repellent along with the blue eye.

What are you getting?


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A thumbs up, or down.  

Or just say the dog is cool.


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