Graduation Keys to the Future A gift Idea You'll Love


Graduation Keys to the Future A gift Idea You'll Love - Alef Bet by Paula

Strange to think of gifting a graduate a gift when they barely were in school not so long ago in 2021-- meaning they were in school but not all of them were physically IN school if you catch my drift.


But, do the kids-- sorry, the graduates, deserve any less credit than years past?

Of course not!


The class of 2021-- from kindergarten to elementary, from middle and high school, all the way up to college and post-graduate degrees all deserve a gift for culminating their studies. Even if they were not physically on campus this year.


The ceremonies will for sure be different, and most likely you'll be mailing a gift.

Instead of just sending off a check, we've come up with 2 gifts to include in your envelope-with-the-check this year. Full disclaimer: it might not be a great present to send to the preschool, elementary, or middle school kids unless they have a key to their house that their parent allows.


So, what is so special about having a lucky charm key you might be asking?

For a graduate, it represents a new beginning. They (possibly) are leaving home for college and will no longer be living at their childhood home. They will have a key now to open new doors, which means new beginnings and a new future.

A key to a dorm room, an apartment, a new house, or even a new car to drive them off to school. They can be attending a local college, a trade school, or maybe even taking the year off and are just working locally, but they have a chance to unlock their future. And this lucky key chain with an evil eye or hamsa hand is perfect for that new adventure.




An evil eye keyring to keep all the ill-will and harm very far, far, and even farther away is one terrific choice.


It also comes in 9 colors-- so you're bound to find the perfect color that you they will adore.


The other is a lucky hand, a hamsa hand, with an evil eye in the center. It ushers in good luck and prosperity, watching over you at all times, while pushing back any harm.

It's also available in 9 colors.


These are choices: (same for the evil eye keyring)

  • Red

  • Black

  • Purple

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Dark Blue

  • Pink

  • Light Blue



If you'd like to read more about the history and traditional beliefs of an evil eye or a hamsa, we invite you to visit our blog.

So, which color is your favorite?










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