Hamsa Charm Bracelet

hamsa silver bracelet
So, this happened.
It did.
This cute, adorable lucky blue hamsa bracelet that is just so precious!
Two little amulets just dangle down and light up your wrist with the lucky blue color so popular among hamsa jewelry.
Why down? 
You can read about that on the blog here.
But, honestly, the size is what is really attractive.
It's designed to be small in size, these little hamsa charms are just 1/4" each.
They aren't meant to overpower your accessories, but rather to just blend in.
And do their job of providing you beauty, happiness, and protection.
Did you know there are matching necklaces in a variety of colors?
colorful hamsa necklaces
The bracelets are so far only being made with the turquoise, but the necklaces have four choices: navy blue, pink, turquoise and fuschia-purple
Each is on sterling silver chains at a choker length, but with the option to make them longer. 
So, if you're in the market for a great bat mitzvah gift, sweet sixteen gift, or just a gift for yourself (no, these aren't for only girls) then you're going to love this new hamsa bracelet.
We'd love to hear how you like it!

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