Hamsa Hand Necklace- Hamsa Bracelets Sold on Amazon


Hamsa Hand Necklace- Hamsa Bracelets Sold on Amazon - Alef Bet by Paula

From sterling silver hamsa hand necklaces to 14k gold plated hand amulets, we've made a list of top-selling hamsa necklaces and hamsa bracelets that are all found on Amazon.com.

A hamsa is a five-fingered amulet that ushers in goodness, health, protection and overall well being.  The good-luck charm can be worn either up or down, meaning the fingers can point upwards or downwards.

To learn more about the placement of the hamsa charm as well as the meaning of a hamsa, click here.

The history and different interpretations of the charm can be read over the blog post titled: The Hamsa up or down, which is the right way to wear it? 

black hamsa necklace

The hamsa charm above is made from black and gold rhodium plating over sterling silver. The hamsa is cut out, making a window to your soul.  The shape of the hamsa is unique in that it is outlined with sparkling cubic zircon stones.

hamsa bangle bracelet

Did you know that the color red wards off evil?  

The power of the protection lies within the strong and powerful color-- RED.

A hamsa combined with the protection and power of the color red creates an amulet that is not only stunning to look at but is a talisman above all else.

One-size-fits-all bangle bracelets can be found online at Alefbet or at Amazon.com.

hamsa gold necklace

Large hamsa necklace in gold is the perfect choice for layering.

Designed on a 20" chain, it is ideal to place a smaller pendant above this one.  As you create a layering look, increase the size of the charms with the length. So a small piece, then a medium and finally this large hamsa necklace would be the third design in this trio-look.

Here is a close-up of the pendant and as you can see it is not a solid gold hamsa charm, but rather a gold plated one, with a cut out of the hand on a single disk.

gold hamsa necklace

Very popular are red string hamsa bracelets, sometimes called Kabballah bracelets or bendel bracelets.  We like to call them best friend bracelets with a hamsa. 


Buy one for your bestie, and one for you.  

A red string always keeps you near, close to one another even if the distance between you is far.

best friend bracelets

A mother and daughter, sister-brother, sister-sister can also wear these bracelets.  It's not only for friends, we just wanted to be sure you knew that!

hamsa hand red string bracelet

And for the lady that likes to be a bit boho-chic, there is this brown and golden hamsa adjustable bracelet.

hamsa macrame bracelet

This is the easiest hand bracelet to wear.  How?

Simply pull the macrame tassels open and pull them closed.  The entire piece is handmade, and it is a one-size-fits-all-bracelet.  


Now, what about a hamsa necklace for a man?

hamsa necklace for men

Isn't this great!?

We are always looking for a hamsa necklace for men, and we finally have it! But even better, is that this charm is not only a hamsa amulet with a lucky blue turquoise stone on the bottom, but it is also a mezuzah.

And did we say ideal for bar mitzvah gifts?

hamsa necklace men

A hamsa mezuzah pendant in sterling silver for men and women.  A great look, an ideal Judaica gift on top of it all.

Oh, and this one has the prayer (klaf) inside of the tube.

A bit different design than the first selection-- still gorgeous.

And finally, what girl doesn't want a hamsa and evil eye necklace combined on one single sterling silver chain?

evil eye and hamsa necklace

I know this adult woman (that would be me) would wear this necklace all the time! (Oh, and I do, too).

The length is adjustable, so I, I mean you, can wear it short or a bit longer.  

Sterling silver, so it's water-safe.

Perfect for the beach, right?

Pool-side hamsa jewelry!

No, really-- wearing a hamsa alongside an evil eye just makes the powerful amulets guard and watch over you more.

And it's stylish too!

If you're in the market for a brand new hamsa hand bracelet or hamsa necklace, take a look at Alef Bet Jewelry's Amazon store.

With new pieces being added all of the time, you're in for a great selection of jewelry for yourself and for gifts.






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