How Do I Protect My House from the Evil Eye?


How Do I Protect My House from the Evil Eye? - Alef Bet by Paula
Protect my house from the evil eye.
It's a common question that is often asked, "How do I protect my house from the evil eye?"
An evil eye for a new home, or any home is an amulet for protection against the unseen.
Often asked, "do I need an evil eye to protect my home and loved ones?"
"How do I protect my home from evil?"
evil eye blue amulet
First, what is evil? Evil often comes from jealousy. For example, you bought a new home or remodeled your home. All "eyes" are on you now. And some people might not celebrate your happiness, or your success.
That's human nature, unfortunately. For this reason, we hang an evil eye amulet to protect your home against the evil eye.
A glass evil eye wall hanging is an ancient, world-wide amulet. It watches over and protects you, making sure no harm comes your way.
They calm the fears of the unknown, the anxious, scared, and nervous energy that overwhelms us all.
It protects you from involuntary and deliberate harm or evil sent in your direction. The eye acts as a shield, sending the negativity back to the sender.
You can hang your evil eye amulet inside of your home or outside of your home. Above a doorway, to bless you with protection as you come and go on your journey in life.
An evil eye wall hanging will look lovely in your family room, living room, home office, or business.  Hang in any room in your home or office, even place on the branch of a tree in your garden-- anywhere to keep evil far, far away.
The added benefit is the ease at which you can hang your good luck amulet. No tools are necessary. If you have a nail, you can hammer into a wall, but a thumbtack or pushpin works fine.
The glass amulets are lovely to look at, stunning and artistic in design.
In case you're questioning what happens when your evil eye breaks, we have a blog all about if an evil eye breaks.
If there is any damage in any way, shape, or form that means it has absorbed any intent of harm. The spiritual shield simply could not absorb what was cast in your direction. Hence, it broke or disappeared preventing harm to you.
If you'd like to buy one of the many amulets, Alef Bet has a vast selection. The evil eye amulets make a lovely home gift, hostess gift, new home present, or to change your luck in your house. Comes boxed with a description card.

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