What is a House or Home Blessing?


What is a House or Home Blessing? - Alef Bet by Paula

What is a House or Home Blessing?

Blessing, happiness, abundance, luck, pride, peace, livelihood, health, wealth, success, and love. 

Is there a home blessing prayer?

In the book of 1 Samuel 25:6, found in the Book of Prophets David it reads “...and may peace be to you, and peace to your household, and peace to all that is yours.”

A blessing longstanding, throughout centuries and centuries that simply says, “May peace come to your household and all that you have and love.”

Simply beautiful.  

That is the essence of a home blessing, to “gift” one with nothing less than happiness and peace.

customer blessing evil eye image

Customer image: blessing of an evil eye by doorway

From biblical times to the present, across the world and throughout cultures there are many types of home blessings.

Some, as simple as saying peaceful words when you enter a home, or perhaps when you leave.

Take Hebrew for example, the word for Hello/Goodbye is Shalom.  It literally means Peace.

In Spanish, the word for goodbye is Adios, which literally means “with or to God.” Borrowed from Spanish adiós, earlier a Dios seas, a Dios seades, literally, "may (you) be (commended) to God"

Adiós, addio, and adeus; all have similar etymologies. While adiós is a Spanish word, addio is Italian, and adeus is Portuguese. Then there’s adieu in French, which originates from the combination of a + Dieu (‘to God’).

Notice that they all have blessings of goodwill, peace, God unto you.

Truly is beautiful saying, "go with God" rather than simply BYE.

So, it is not uncommon to bless one on your goings, and in some cases on your entering.  And we do it without “knowing,” it is just in our daily salutations.  

What a lovely practice to bless one you love with peace and happiness.  It is a gift that will always be remembered, always appreciated.

But you might be asking, ok then-----

When should you bless a home?

Some might say at the time of construction, but that is very limiting.  How many people are involved in the actual construction of a home versus those that move into a post-constructed home?  The percentages are not even comparable.

It’s better to incorporate blessings for your home into daily life with visual reminders such as wall hangings.  


Blessings of wisdom and protection with a lucky hamsa  and elephant amulet
Elephant Wall Home Blessing

In fact, you can even hang a small reminder in the form of an evil eye or hamsa hand from your car rearview mirror.  Alternatively, you can place it on your doorposts, or on a wall in your home, bedroom, office, or in your backyard.

These visual reminders have us pause for a brief moment, even if it’s only a second, to remind us to take stock, to count all of the blessings we have in life.  







A roof over our head



But most of all protection.


Although there is no one religion that lays claim or holds to a specific home blessing, there are however, many non-denominational rituals found worldwide that allow you to take a moment to infuse your home with love, harmony, health, happiness, and prosperity.  

For example, holding a ceremony prior to moving into a new home or a new space, or simply when you want to bless a space you already inhabit with a new, purposeful way. 

Perhaps a new chapter in your life, or when you want to invite fresh energy into your home.  

Here are some easy suggestions found in Feng Shui that resonate with us, and hopefully with you as well:

  • wipe the area of dust to remove “old energy” and begin anew 

  • Recite words of positive thought such as:

  • May we all be blessed with good health, happiness, success, and abundance.

  • May this home be a sacred dwelling place for us and all who inhabit it.

  • May those who visit know of peace and love

  • We decree that this home is shielded from harm, illness, and misfortune.

  • Give thanks for bringing love and harmony, positive energy into our home and lives.

This “ceremony” per-say is up to the residents of the home.  

It is a time to simply ask for a beautiful life in your house.  

May we remind you that is NOT only for new homeowners, but can be performed at any time, any day, and for any reason. 


May we suggest adding one to your home today.

Aside from adding one to your own home, evil eye or hamsa hand home blessings make wonderful, touching, and meaningful house-warming gifts, and don’t forget to send one with your student going off to their dorm room, or living in their first home-away-from-home.

In Proverbs 24:3-4, we read, “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”

So, may your home always be full of joy, love, good health, happiness, and prosperity.

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