Jewelry as Home Decor not in a Drawer


Jewelry as Home Decor not in a Drawer - Alef Bet by Paula

Pearl Earrings

Out of sight, out of mind. How many times have you forgotten you own a piece of jewelry because it’s tucked away in a box or drawer?

Have you considered putting it on display? If you like to scour flea markets and antique malls, then consider these ideas to repurpose items to showcase your jewelry.

rings and things

Rings and things pop when placed on the fingers of vintage ceramic glove forms. 

letter tray displays

Old-school letterpress trays make a great wall-mounted holder for earrings and bracelets. Screw-in cup hooks along the edges for necklaces.

doorknob displays

Are you a fan of colorful crystal doorknobs? Mount them on the wall or a painted board for necklaces and scarves. Include the plate for extra interest.

jewelry display ideas

Old window frames and pictures frames find new life. Add some chicken wire or mesh and wall hang for wire earrings. Add colorful paperclips for hangers for necklaces.

jewelry frame ideas

Have a collection of vintage candy dishes, milk glass, or tiered dessert stands? Serve up your jewelry and display your collection, too!

Now that we’ve shared these ideas for showing off your jewelry, take it out of hiding and put it on display.

So, tell us--how do you display your jewelry?




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