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Jewish Hamsa Wall Art - Alef Bet by Paula

Jewish Hamsa wall decorations are wonderful additions to the Jewish home.

A hamsa hand is an ancient amulet that looks like a human hand, except it has two thumbs no pinky finger.  It was first discovered in the Middle East, and predates all formal religions.  It has has since evolved into a world-wide good luck charm. It brings its wearer or owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. 

To make a hamsa a Jewish amulet, the only difference is the artwork involved, or the artistic lettering or wording used.  The art drawn inside of the hamsa might have a Jewish Star of David, or Hebrew blessings that make it unique. 

jewish art hamsa hand for home

Jewish hamsa hand for the home

A hamsa hand, at times spelled chamsa or khamsa, is a blessing figure.  The hand ushers in prosperity, peace, love, happiness, good fortune, and good health.  All the while, putting a stop to any evil or intentional harm. 

Often times there is an evil eye associated with hamsa, the two work well together. In addition to averting the gaze of the evil eye, it is an outstretched hand stopping harm and pulling in blessings of good fortune.

The word "hamsa" or "hamesh" means five. There are five digits on the hamsa hand, which represents the five books of the Torah.  Oftentimes, the hamsa will be called the Hand of Miriam after Moses and Aaron's sister, Miriam.  But, the number five is also to remind us to use our five senses when giving praise to God.  

As Jews have lived all over the world, they have drawn from the cultures of where they make their home.  This is beautifully represented in the artwork and language on the amulet itself.  Often times, besides the evil eye, a very common Judaic symbol you will also find on the hamsa is both flowers and fish.  

Fish, a sign of good luck and prosperity are found in the Torah.  As fish never closes its eyes, so will they always watch over you. It also states that Jacob told Joseph that Jews will be a plentiful as there are fish in the ocean, a sign of fertility and good fortune.

Flowers too are a Jewish symbol, and are often drawn into Jewish art.  They bloom, just as the Jewish people continually flower and blossom. Jewish texts compare the Jewish people to a precious flower, worthy of being loved and cherished. "Like the rose maintaining its beauty among the thorns, so is My faithful beloved among the nations,” (Song of Songs 2:2).

orange jewish hamsa wall decor

Judaic hamsa for the home

Jewish wall art is a lovely hostess gift.  For Passover, Hanukkah, and Shabbat there are countless occasions when you will visit a Jewish home.  Bringing a symbol of your thanks, of your appreciation is a very king gesture.

For your next gift giving opportunity, consider a Jewish hamsa art wall decor for the homeowner.  With the symbols of blessings inside a faith based amulet, it is a beautiful gesture.

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