Hamsa Hand Wall Decor To Bless My Home

Hamsa hand amulets to bless and protect your home? A wall of good luck charms, evil eyes and five fingered artfully decorated hands?

Tell me more!

  • You're probably asking, what is a hamsa hand amulet?
  • Where does a hamsa, also spelled chamsa, originate from?
  • Why would I hang a hamsa in my home or business?

The hamsa hand is a five-fingered amulet that ushers in goodness, blessings and good fortune while pushing back harm or evil intent meant for you or a loved one. Evil intent can come in many forms, from jealousy to physically making you ill and harming you. But, let's focus on the blessings that a hamsa ushers in, it's much more pleasant to speak of goodness rather than be negative, right?

This talisman, the hamsa, is a five-fingered amulet found all over the world. From the mudras of India found in yoga, to the Muslim world where it is called the Hand of Fatima, to the Jewish world where it is known as the Hand of Miriam, to the entire world where it can be spelled hamsa or chamsa--- it is multi-culturally embraced symbol for luck.

Bring in the good, push back the bad.

Often times you'll find the hamsa drawn with gorgeous and very intricate artwork. Often times an evil eye, to watch over and guard you, will be found somewhere inside the hamsa. Often times you'll find the hand facing upward and other times you'll find the hand facing downwards-- there is a post about the meanings we think you'll enjoy reading here. Let's just say it all complements one another in more ways than just looking great together.

Since the hamsa is so popular as a form of art, it now has become very popular to create hamsa walls in your home, your home office and even in your business. Yoga studios will often have a hamsa on the wall, since it is a common symbol often associated with the yoga world. And if you do decide to put a hamsa in your place of business, it is suggested you put it near the cash register, or entrance to the business. Remember-- the amulet ushers in prosperity, success, and abundance which are two things you most definitely want in your business.

So, how do you create a wall of amulets?

Simple-- start.

Seriously, just start.

Don't become obsessed with placement and color coordination. Just grab a thumbtack and push it into the wall. Hang your amulet and continue.


Beth writes, "My wall is now growing and you guys are part of it!"

The far left abstract and bottom middle hamsa amulets with the nazar evil eye are from us, but the beautiful thing is that these are her treasures, her memories from all over the world.


Hilary writes, "My hamsa and evil eye wall is coming together quite nicely! These new pieces are AMAZING! The quality, the weight of each piece and the colors are very well made! Now... what else do I need to add to my collection?

Well, surprisingly enough, Hilary recently added to her wall and sent this photo:


As you can see, she used a nail to affix each one into the wall. Because they all have string or twine on the top they can be easily adjusted or moved around as you like.

Susan is having a great time building out her wall as well, "Love these so much! Have just ordered more!"

As you can see, it is so easy to build a wall of hamsa and evil eye amulets.

It can be near a window or on a plain wall, in an entry way or even above a doorway.


It goes nicely in the front of your home as well.


Tat2mom17 on Instagram writes, "Finally got my evil eye hamsa from @alefbetjewelry hung." She used a very simple removable sticky hanger that affixes to the wall. This is perfect to stop harm and bad omens from entering the home and only allowing in positive energy and love into the home.

Here's another home wall decor for inspiration:


Now, let me share my wall. Acutally, there is a you tube video of one I made at this link titled "let's build a hamsa wall."


The only "problem" that you'll notice is that it started off full and lovely and slowly it was depleted. I kept pulling the chamsas off the wall and giving them to people as thinking of you gifts! Now I have a wall of thumbtacks, lol!


If you'd like to start building your own hamsa hand and evil eye amulet wall, Alef Bet offers over 20 designs in wood and glass. New products are added often, so keep checking back for new pieces of art work to bless your home with prosperity, good health, love, luck, and happiness.

May you be blessed with an abundance of good fortune and health!

To see the collection of wall decor visit www.alefbet.com/wallart




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