Labor Day 2019 Amazon Jewelry Sale Items We Love


Labor Day 2019 Amazon Jewelry Sale Items We Love - Alef Bet by Paula

It's time to clean the shelves.

Yea, right, like we're actually cleaning shelves at Amazon.

But, it's an expression, a saying.  

We're cleaning out, aka getting rid of, ending its run, whatever you want to call it-- ok its a SALE!

And it's over on Amazon Prime.

Now listen, Amazon doesn't mark items that the customer can see as sale items any longer, it's their store, their policy, so they can do what pleases them and we abide, but it doesn't look like anything is on sale with a crossed out line over the original price.

Now, there are coupons.

So, virtually clip that coupon to apply the discount, ok?

jewish star necklace

So, the first item that we adore is this bold Jewish Star necklace.  

You can see it here.

It sparkles like it is full of diamonds, and they are set so close to one another it is as if you only see bling.  True story: the first piece we sold of this style was to a boy in high school who wanted a big, blingy star.  And he got it!!

hebrew wedding necklace

This is a Hebrew love necklace.  It reads in Hebrew lettering, "Ani l'dodi" or I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.  

It's a true testament to your love, as only best written by King Solomon.

See it here. 


hamsa kaballah braceletOur best selling hamsa bracelet on Amazon isn't selling so well, so we're putting a coupon on this one to get it moving and groovin!

If you want one, it's a great chance to own it yourself.  

The reviews are not amazing, but all it takes is one unhappy customer to spoil the bunch.  But trust us, it's our best sellling bendel bracelet!

See it here.

adjustable star bracelet

Now this is a fun bracelet to wear either with other bracelets you already own or by itself.  I personally think it looks best piled onto your arm with other bracelets, but that is my opinion.

It adjusts to fit all wrist sizes, so gifting this is simple.

See it here.

There are so many fun and meaningful pieces of jewelry to choose from over on the Amazon store!

From Jewish star necklaces and bracelets, to cross and evil eyes and blessing prayer pieces even the guys will love to wear.  

You really can't go wrong by taking a peek.

Come to think of it, for sure you'll find a nice hostess gift for the high holidays.

We'd love for you to see all of the pieces on sale here.

And let us know what's your favorite!!!



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