Love-Hate Mask Relationship, Leaning More on the Hate


Love-Hate Mask Relationship, Leaning More on the Hate - Alef Bet by Paula

I hate wearing a facial mask.

It's uncomfortable, weird, hard to talk with it on, and weird.

I just hate it.

But, with the corona pandemic covid-19 quarantine lockdown in place, a rule is a rule and we need to protect ourselves and others from spreading the virus.

So, it's a love-hate relationship.

why wear a mask

If we want to lower the transmission of the virus, we have to protect our mouth and nose.

Argue away, it won't help, it's the new norm.

So, what does a hamsa addicted team of jewelry designers do?

Creat a hamsa mask of course!

hamsa hand mask

Hamsa Mask

It's a good looking design, made 100% in Los Angeles and you can easily breathe out of it too.  

Here's a video on youtube all about the design.

Look how nicely they look on our customers.

Don't just take our word for it!

hamsa mask on customer

Hamsa Mask Fleece in Black

evil eye hamsa mask for daughter and mother

Mother and Daughter Mask Team

It's so easy to wear, as you saw in the video.  Just wrap around your ear.  There is not that tugging feeling that is so common with handmade masks. My sister calls it the "dumbo effect" because her ears flop forward.

Another great design feature, besides the easy wash and wear, is that the mask can fit small and regular faces. So, yes a teen can wear it as well as a smaller adult. See the photo above.

And if you've followed our blog, you know we're not only hamsa obsessed, you can read past hamsa blogs about what the hand represents and why we design and sell hamsa jewelry on our website, but we are also in love with the evil eye.

evil eye mask

Evil Eye Mask

The eye is a multicultural amulet, called a mal de ojo or malocchio, or a Nazar Eye in Turkish.  The eye, however, you call it, even a lucky eye, all does the same thing-- watches over and protects you so no harm comes your way.

hamsa and eye mask

Fleece Face Masks 

Of course, we added a heart to the mix.

Everyone loves a cute heart for love and happiness.

heart mask

Heart Mask

You've seen the three designs: heart, hamsa, evil eye but did you know that the masks are made from fleece?  It's super soft, cozy actually, and washable.  

The material is 7.0 no-sew fleece fabric with raw edges. But, best of all they are breathable!

Shop the entire line of handmade masks over on Alef Bet's facial mask page, where the selection is constantly changing to meet our customers' needs.

Let's take that love-hate mask relationship further--- because if we must wear them (and we must), they might as well be cute and comfy!





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