Summer Fun Sale!


Summer Fun Sale! - Alef Bet by Paula
So, summer fun sale time has begun!
We just created that phrase, but it sort of rhymes, so we're going with--ok?
What is a summer fun sale? 
Simple-- a sale!
And you can sign up for early notification + a coupon code for extra savings off of the sale merchandise here.
You're probably wondering:
  • what interest is it to have a sale?
  • is it old junk?
  • broken?
  • can't sell stuff?

Actually--NO, well some of it is older, that is true, but none of it is junk. Nothing is broken or can't sell stuff.  But, it is older or past season merchandise and we have to constantly come out with new designs, so the older items need to be moved through the "system."

Does that make sense?  

Let us know if it doesn't.

Here's some items from the sale:


There is a collection of hand-beaded, gemstone necklaces that were samples at a past gift show.  

Now, the savings is passed onto you!

But, only one of each of the bead necklaces exist, so you might want to grab it if you want it. 

This is so pretty on, with a simple summery dress, or a black suit for work. 

Made by hand, these 4mm blue jade cabochon beads are the color of a clear, serene island beach.  The champagne diamond, .07ct, are a fascinating color as well.  Not white, but not cloudy grey either.  They pick up the shine of the gold they are set in, and the blue of the beads brilliantly. 


This one is divine!

We're sort of hiding it behind a not-so-great-photo, hoping it won't be bought.  Then we can enjoy it all the more so!

Seriously-- it's the truth!!!

This evil eye, set with glistening white topaz gemstones, dangles from a 20" strand of beads.  Turquoise, rose quartz, grey topaz and aqua marine. Toss it over your head and you're fully accessorized as well as protected. 

Want to wear it as a bracelet?  Wrap it around your wrist a few time-- as a choker? Double it up!.



This is special-- diamond baguettes are handset in the black rhodium sterling silver oval pendant in the shape of a hamsa amulet. 

Simply gorgeous.

There is an evil eye too, check out the sale section to find it.  Stunning with the diamonds.  Just stunning.

So, maybe you're thinking that everything seems one-of-a-kind, and it a bit out of your budget?

We don't want to disappoint you!

So, we've added an entire collection of sterling silver jewelry as well that starts in the $20 range. 

It's the perfect thank you for being my child's camp counselor gift.

Or the perfect going off to college gift.

Or the perfect birthday gift, bat mitzvah gift, or just a gift to put away for some time to gift on another occasion.

One thing we know for sure-- this sale will not disappoint!


compass necklace

There is even jewelry for the men!


An entire collection of dog tag charms with different symbols that men would find desirable to wear. 

Choose from 8 different charms in the collection of dog tag pieces-- these were all hand-drawn by a Los Angeles tattoo artist and then we made them into jewelry, so they truly are a piece of art!


Whatever you're looking for, we hope you'll enjoy the sale and buy some lovely pieces of jewelry!

Let us know what you're looking to buy/own/gift and if you don't see it on this sale, drop us a "hint." We love hearing from you and you just never know what can appear on the sale!! 


The link to sign up for that extra coupon code plus early notification is HERE

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