Family Traditions Over A Beautifully Set Table


Family Traditions Over A Beautifully Set Table - Alef Bet by Paula

I love this!!”

Seeing her daughter happy always made Judy smile, especially when it came to the family tradition that goes back generations.

Judy set down the last fork and admired it, knowing that soon it will be full of family, friends, comfort food, and conversation.

Grandma smiled over with pride, knowing she taught Judy well.

Judy glanced at her wrist, seeing her Shema Israel prayer bracelet, and was reminded of traditions that have held her family together for centuries.

Looking once more at her mother, then her daughter, she could only smile.  Judy knew that all of her prayers have been answered, as friends and family started to knock on her door.

A gentle reminder is with her wherever she goes, a reminder of tradition, of family and the power of prayer.

Shema Israel Hebrew prayer bracelet

Judy's vision of a house full of guests, of a table beautifully set with her favorite dishes, of warm food and welcoming smells coming from the kitchen is priceless.

And one so many of us can relate to.

With the onset of the period of high holidays approaching, we wish you nothing less than memories shared and new ones created, love and precious time spent with family and loved ones.

Family traditions.  

May you be blessed with peace, love, good health and happiness.

From our family to yours, 

L'shana Tova u metuka!

Paula and Alissa



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