What Do the Colors of the Evil Eye Mean?


What Do the Colors of the Evil Eye Mean? - Alef Bet by Paula

What Do the Colors of an Evil Eye Mean?

The concept of the evil eye has fascinated and mystified humanity for centuries.

Picture this: a perceived curse, often cast by an ill-intentioned glare, is believed to bring misfortune and loss into one's life.


In the quest to ward off this malevolent force, people from various cultures have turned to evil eye charms adorned with different colors. Each hue is imbued with its own unique meaning and cultural significance. In this exploration, we will delve into the meanings behind the diverse colors of the evil eye, unraveling their rich tapestry of symbolism.

Blue Evil Eye: The Guardian of Good Karma and Positivity

At the heart of the evil eye's color spectrum lies the tranquil hue of blue. This shade holds a hallowed place as the most recognized and revered color for the evil eye.


It symbolizes an array of positive qualities, including good fortune, the attraction of positive energies, and the establishment of a protective shield against malevolence.


Those who choose to wear or display a blue evil eye charm seek not only to repel negativity but also to invite success and well-being into their lives.

blue evil eye keyring

So many colorful choices, it's hard to find the exact color amulet to fit our needs and desires. Let's discuss each color, and you'll find the one that meets your needs and desires.

Brown Evil Eye: A Connection with Nature and Order

For those who appreciate a more grounded and earthy aura, the brown evil eye offers solace. Brown is a color deeply intertwined with the natural world, evoking feelings of stability and a profound connection to the earth. It represents grounding, orderliness, and a strong link to tradition. 


When one selects a brown evil eye charm, they are often seeking protection from the elemental forces of nature, along with a sense of balance and adherence to conventional values.

brown evil eye

Red Evil Eye: The Fiery Symbol of Courage and Energy

In the vibrant spectrum of evil eye colors, red stands as a beacon of courage, enthusiasm, and vitality. It is believed to provide protection from fears and anxieties, bestowing upon its wearer a renewed sense of strength and passion. 


Those who embrace the red evil eye charm seek to harness its fiery energy to confront life's challenges with renewed zeal and determination.

Yellow or Gold Evil Eye: Safeguarding Health and Sharpening the Mind

Yellow and gold are hues that signify not only the preservation of health but also the sharpening of one's mental faculties. These charms are associated with relief from exhaustion and the enhancement of concentration. By choosing a yellow or gold evil eye, individuals strive for vitality and mental clarity, seeking a balanced and fulfilling life.

Pink Evil Eye: Nurturing Friendships and Serenity

Pink, with its soothing and calming aura, serves as a protector of friendships. This gentle hue fosters a sense of tranquility, contentment, and relaxation. It is the ideal choice for those who value harmonious relationships and wish to preserve them.

White Evil Eye: Purity, Focus, and Fresh Starts

White, often associated with purity, signifies the opportunity for a fresh start. It aids in clearing obstacles and clutter from one's path, allowing for a renewed focus on goals and aspirations. The white evil eye represents a clean slate upon which new chapters can be written.

Orange Evil Eye: Happiness, Motivation, and Creativity

Bright and cheerful, the orange evil eye exudes happiness and motivation. It sparks commitment to one's goals, increases creativity, and encourages a playful outlook on life. Choosing this color represents a desire for a life filled with joy and creative expression.

Dark Blue Evil Eye: Safeguarding Karma and Encouraging Communication

The deep, serene shade of dark blue provides protection for one's karma and fate. It promotes calmness and relaxation while facilitating open and effective communication. Those who opt for the dark blue evil eye charm prioritize not only personal growth but also the nurturing of meaningful relationships.

Light Blue Evil Eye: General Protection and Peace

Light blue evil eyes offer a more generalized protective aura. They broaden one's perspective and invite solitude and peace into one's life. This color choice strikes a balance between protection and serenity, appealing to those who seek both.

Dark Green Evil Eye: Garnering Happiness and Balance

For happiness and equilibrium, dark green evil eyes are the go-to choice. They provide the freedom to pursue new ideas and adventures while ensuring balance in various aspects of life. Those who embrace this color hope to find happiness in their pursuits.

Purple Evil Eye: Cultivating Imagination and Removing Obstacles

The purple evil eye encourages imagination and creativity. It serves as a tool for rebalancing life and removing obstacles that hinder personal growth and success. Those who select the purple charm aspire to tap into their inner creativity and overcome hurdles.

Overall the concept of the evil eye has transcended time and borders, persisting in various cultures. It represents a belief in a curse capable of bringing misfortune and loss. To protect themselves from its influence, people have turned to many colors of the evil eye charms adorned with a spectrum of artistic designs, each carrying its own profound meaning.

Understanding the significance of these different colors empowers individuals to choose charms that resonate with their specific needs. Whether it's protection, courage, serenity, or creativity, these charms can serve as powerful talismans, shielding individuals from the malevolent forces of the evil eye and ushering positivity into their lives.

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