What Does A Moon And Sun Combined With An Evil Eye Symbolize?


What Does A Moon And Sun Combined With An Evil Eye Symbolize? - Alef Bet by Paula

A moon and sun combined with an evil eye amulet?

What does that mean?

moon and sun evil eye wall art

As beautiful as it appears, and it truly is even more exquisite in person, a lot of symbolism lies in this handmade glass wall hanging that is sold on Alefbet.com.

The moon on the left and the stars on the right are a complimentary unity of opposites.

Two opposing sides that work hand-in-hand with one another.

Not good versus evil.

Masculine and feminine.

Cooperation not conflict.

Opposite forces in our universe that are separate, yet oh so, intertwined.

They are much like our human spirit, our complexity and duality--the idea that everyone is capable of good and evil deeds..

It is akin to life and death and the oh so common "good versus bad" that we constantly struggle with.

It is a representation that opposing powers exist in all of us but that we need to find a balance, a peace within ourselves to be able to combine the forces equally.

The complexity of the human spirit.

The light side and the dark side, and the utmost need to come together and have balance in life.

It is a celebration, a unity of the two sides working hand-in-hand with one another. That life is a cycle, forever revolving and evolving around one another.

Within this sun and moon glass wall art is a central lucky, or evil eye. Placed in the middle to watch over and protect you, to aide in meshing the two polar opposites to work in harmony.

Brilliant golds are interwoven in concentric circles on the right side and a crescent moon on the left. This lovely amulet is designed for the home, office, as well as makes a perfect gift for a friend or a loved one.

A eye is a symbol known for protection, luck, good health and prosperity.

To read more about the ways, history and beliefs of the evil "lucky" eye, we have an entire blog on the subject titled: What is the meaning of the evil eye.

For more regarding the purchase of this handmade Nazar evil eye, you'll find the listing and all of the details at Alefbet.com

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