When You Need Pick Me Up Jewelry During Quarantine


When You Need Pick Me Up Jewelry During Quarantine - Alef Bet by Paula

Inspirational Bracelets to boost your mood

There are three new bracelets that are perfect for quarantine 2020 and all for sale on Alef Bet's website.

OK, truth be told they are perfect for every day.

But, while we're living the life of the secluded, these dim and gloomy days that drag on forever have got most of us feeling down.  There has to be a hopeful, silver lining somewhere, right?

It has to end someday-- lets hope it does sooner than later-- can I get an amen!

Motivational Bracelets

This new line of bracelets, handcrafted in sterling silver and/or dipped in 14k yellow gold are exactly what we need. 

Not only is each one stunning on, heavy, and easy to wear, but their messages really resonate well with each person.

There are three to choose from, all with clickable links.

  1. This Too Shall Pass

  2. Better Things Are Coming

  3. Always On My Mind Forever In My Heart

We've designed these bangle bracelets in two sizes with a simple lock and peg clasp that is very secure.

bracelet clasp

You put the peg into the closure and simply move it into place.  It's somewhat similar to a belt loop.

adjustable bracelet


What's even better is that with each bracelet there are two sizes to choose from, so you can have a true fit.  



*standard = 7"

This means if you're a bit larger or smaller than the average (or standard) 7" bracelet you're in luck.

Side note: Did you know that a teenager has a full grown wrist?  It seems strange that a teen would wear a standard size wrist even though they are not fully developed, but they do.  We recommend the small/standard for teens, children, and smaller ladies.

So, what are the 3 styles?  Let's take a closer look.

Each one comes in silver or gold.


This Too Shall Pass Bangle Bracelet



Always On My Mind Forever In My Heart Bangle


Better Things Are Coming Bracelet


Choose to wear one, two, or three bangles at a time. There is really no style advice to follow here-- wear what speaks closest to your heart.  And add to what you currently wear.

this too shall pass bracelet for women

This Too Shall Pass Bracelet


Which motivational phrase speaks best to you?

Let us know in the comments, we read each one!


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I love these! Would you ever consider making these with our own custom sayings? How much are they?

Jeni Steinberg

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