Why The Rise of Hatred Toward the Jews?


Why The Rise of Hatred Toward the Jews? - Alef Bet by Paula

antisemitism in america

If there was an answer to this, I would be the first to give it to you.

If there was a reason for this hatred, I would be the first to give it to you.

There isn't.


With the onset of antisemitism all over the media now, covering each and every one of our Facebook feed and making our ears ring, I set out to ask our engaged community of followers how they feel about wearing a Jewish Star symbol in these turbulent times.

Here are some of the many, many comments and I hope you jump right in and let us know how you feel: 

Sara C.- "Show the pride and not let fear overcome your entire body and soul."

Suzy P.- "My friend bought a Jewish Star in November, I saw her wearing it every day and she said it made her feel so proud and that she felt comforted by the pendant. January came around, and she removed it and said she didn’t want anyone saying anything to her"

Martha N- "I believe being true to who you are..Wear the Star; the Hamsa...Ya'll are God's Chosen people, to hide your identity by not wearing the Star or Hamsa seems to me to deny that God Chose You..and yes I see the anti-Semitism cropping up and the hatred, but not wearing the jewelry will not eliminate the ugliness misguided people have...."

Melanie H.- "I wear this all the time and I don't care where I am! I refuse to hide my faith!"

Rebecca F.- "I think we should not allow others to make us feel afraid. To wear a religious item for any religion is a choice, and we should make choices based on what is best for us."

Mandy F. "I think that as Jews, we tend to not be so “showy” with our Jewishness. I am also under the thought that we do so only when needed."

Helley T.- "I’m Christian, but what is your thought about me wearing Jewish based jewelry? It’s my belief that a true Christians support Jews. I will continue to share information and educate on the Holocaust and recently visited Tezerin."

Emily B.- "I commend her and her bravery, because it IS a scary place for us in this world where, anti Semitism is alive and well."

Maggie A.- "I also have never worn the Star of David myself, although I must admit, it has been weighing heavily on my heart for the past few months and I really want to for the reason of showing the world who I really am."

Esther A.- "Not too long ago when there was that shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, is proof that we are still targeted for who we are and it’s for that reason alone that should help us band together as Jews and stay strong in our faith and in hashem."

And the sentence that haunts me the most

"All of the people that died in the Holocaust didn’t die so we can forget.”

I am afraid that I might forget.

I am afraid my children might forget.

I am afraid that I will be confronted.

I am also afraid that nothing at all will happen and perhaps people will treat me as they do everyday without looking at my beliefs, but rather at me, a person.

Alef Bet Jewelry was founded by creating Jewish jewelry.  There was a need for us to connect to our faith.  

So, I ask you, do you wear a symbol of faith?  

And would you?

Let us know in the comments. 

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10 comentarios

I always wear earrings—Star of David Studs (in the second hole), and I wear a Star of David pinky ring, as well as a chai necklace. I think it is important to remember who I am and to show the world that I am proud.

Marsha Miner Boswell

I am not Jewish but Catholic. I have worn my crucifix proudly and openly for years…no-one has ever made a negative comment…only positive ones.

Cindy Trainque

Stay strong and remain together as a people!!!

Mandy Fraga

I wear a Jewish star daily, with pride, and have for the past 20+ years. I will not let fear & ignorance run my life.

Debbie Eberlin
It shows the world I’m proud of WHO I AM. It identifies others of faith, regardless of religion, when in public and starts conversation amongst strangers
Shelley Tanner

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