Bet You Can't Wear Just One Bead Layering Bracelet


Bet You Can't Wear Just One Bead Layering Bracelet - Alef Bet by Paula

Did you ever think that wearing over 15 bead bracelets on one arm, at one time, would be fashionable "in?"

Well, it is.

Bead bracelets. 

They are maintenance-free, easy to wear and look "oh-so-good!"

mix and match your bracelets with other jewelry

                                             Gold Bead Stacking Bracelets

Starting from 2mm tiny beads, all the way up to 8mm extra-large sized beaded bracelets, these are the next best thing to diamonds.  And, they are the "in" bracelets that once on your arm, you'll never want to take off.

And you can easily wear them with your diamond tennis bangle bracelet, trust us.

Made from sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, or 14k rose gold-filled beads, these bracelets are amazing.

Simplicity is the reason why.

First, let's discuss the ease of wearing them.

Roll them over your hand and you're done. 

Can't be any more simple than that, right?  Made from special jeweler's elastic, these bracelets are strong. 

Strong enough to sleep in, shower in, swim in and never take off. 


But what about wear and tear? 

Well, the bracelets are real metal. 

They aren't base metal, stainless steel, brass or plated metals. 

Not made from materials out there that rust, fade and perhaps turn your skin green.  So, be sure to check when purchasing what the metal is.  There is a price difference, cheaper ones mean exactly that--cheap metal.

Alef Bet Jewelry hand-strings their bracelets from sterling silver and 14k gold-filled beads in Los Angeles, California.

In fact, we've had one stringer making all of our gemstone and bead jewelry for 19 years now.

our bead stringer

This is Roberto, our stringer.  He's not only talented, trust-worthy and the best, but a great person, father, and grandfather!

So, what does it mean exactly gold-filled?

Well, think of an egg.

The shell of the egg, or in this case, the bead is real gold, 14k gold, and the inside of the "egg" is sterling silver.  It is filled --gold filled.

So, you're getting real jewelry-- just less 14k gold than a solid bead.  

At a fraction of the cost of solid gold.

So, the bracelets are truly safe to wear all of the time.

In fact, here is a picture of my own personal bracelets that I never take off, have not had to restring since 2016.  I may add to the stack and up-style it, but the same stack is always with me.

gold beaded bracelets from 2016

Here is my first set from 2016.  There are a 6mm and a 5mm size here along with a turquoise bead as well a black diamond bead in the center of the other one.

Gold bead bracelets are beach safe

In 2017 they traveled to Cancun, and as you can see, they are perfect. Even after the exposure to the sea, sand, water, and the humidity from the beach/tropical air.

Bead bracelets are safe in the snow

They even traveled to the snow in Mammoth Lakes, Ca.  Of course, one image shows a few different styles and designs but the same basic bead bracelets are still being worn, just some more bracelets are added or switched out.

how many bead bracelets can you wear at once?

There also is no limit to the number of bracelets that you can wear at once. 

And notice the colors-- rose gold 3mm beads are mixed with 2mm-3mm yellow and 3mm silver.  It looks great all together, so there are no set rules to follow when designing your pattern of bracelets.  

Note: This stack is from early 2018


Center Bead with Cubic Zirconias

And late August 2018, here is the same set of bracelets.  The image is bit fuzzy, but rest assured the bracelets look just as perfect as they were back in 2016.

Another question you might ask, who is the name-sake or the "designer" behind these bracelets?  

There is no designer, there is no one person.

A bead-is-a-bead-is-a-bead.  And you really can't create a name behind a round bead. 

What you can create is a company that stands behind their work, and you can guarantee a product you'll love wearing, just as much as we do.

And the proof is in the pictures. 

You've met the stringer, you've met us.

So, the real question is-- how many bracelets are you planning on wearing together?

One with your watch on your left hand?

3 in three colors?  6 in three colors?

15 with an assortment of sizes and colors?

What size beads?

Or are you a "stacker?" Meaning are you going to layer them on in odd numbers?

Do you mix rose gold with yellow gold and silver, or are you one color only type of lady?

And if this isn't confusing enough, there are colored beads you can into the mix as well!  

 gemstones and beads

Gemstones bead bracelets

And wrist size.

Let's talk size.

A standard wrist measures 7" when you buy bracelets. 

Of course, there are smaller wrists, tiny wrists, larger wrists, and thick wrists.

Since these bracelets are all hand-strung, we make them fit exactly as you want.

Best bet is to accurately measure your wrist it to take a string or even a piece of dental floss, and measure your wrist and lay the string out on a ruler.

If you have a 6" wrist then you are a standard, 7" bracelet size.

However, you won't want the bracelet dangling and flopping all over the place as a "normal" bracelet does. 

You will want the beads a bit more snug to your arm like shown in the picture.

We recommend a 6.75" bracelet for a standard 7" bracelet size.

And if you have a 7" wrist, and wear an 8" bracelet, order a 7.75".

Small wrists, take a 6.25" or a 6.5"

A little girl would wear a 6" bracelet.

Again, best to measure and order based on the size of your string since around bracelet can be difficult to layout straight on a ruler.

And guys..... let's not forget the males out there.

Men like this look too, however.... they prefer 6mm size beads rather than the smaller ones.  And choose 8" in size for their wrists.

So, what are you going to create with your arm party?

Let us know and we love seeing pictures!

Beaded bracelets by Alef Bet Jewelry

A gold stack of bead bracelets

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