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Caring For Your Leather Jewelry

The leather bands used on Alef Bet Jewelry's bracelets, in either brown or black, are actually very easy to take care of.

But let us first point out that the bands are adjustable.

Simply move the pegs to fit your wrist-- oh, and don't cut the leather!

It fits nicely behind the pewter charm.


Leather is designed to look better over time. 

It can also last for a long time if and only if it is maintained properly.

A wonderful thing about leather is that it becomes more pliable, more easy to manage as it softens over time.

But, there are a few things to know to keep your leather bracelet looking great.

First, water is not a friend of leather.


  • Do not submerge your bracelet in water at all.
  • Do not use leather spray or conditioner, it might change the look of the leather.
  • Do not spray cologne or deodorant on the leather.
  • Use mild soap and a damp cloth to clean the outside and the inside of the leather. Pat the band with the damp cloth, do not drench with water, and of course, be sure to dry the band when you are finished.
  • Avoid exposure to intense weather conditions such as snow, rain, and direct sunlight
  •  Leather jewelry must be protected from dust, water, and salt. 


Leather jewelry can last for a long time if and only if it is maintained properly.

And with these instructions, we are confident you will!

If you'd like more information on pewter, the metal used for the buckle of the bracelet-- read about it here.

And if you enjoyed reading this blog, let us know.  

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