Clasps- A Different Way at Looking at How to Close Your Jewelry


Clasps- A Different Way at Looking at How to Close Your Jewelry - Alef Bet by Paula

There are only three times you ever think about your bracelet clasp:

  1. When you put your bracelet on

  2. When you take your bracelet off

  3. When you've lost your bracelet

Yes, clasps are annoying and frustrating to fasten. But they’re vital!

There are two very functional types of clasps. And other types are decorative and play a role in the design of your bracelet and necklace.



red string hamsa bracelet

Just as it sounds, a spring-ring clasp is round and has a spring-loaded lever inside. Push the lever to open the ring, insert the chain or loop, and let it go. The spring closes the circle.

Spring ring clasps are notoriously tricky to fasten by yourself. There are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos you can buy to make it simpler, but here’s a tip: A paperclip! Don't believe us? Check out this youtube video.


Lobster Clasp

evil eye red string bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet


It bears a passing resemblance to a lobster claw, which explains the name.

Lobster claw clasps operate in the same manner as spring ring clasps. A tiny spring inside holds the clasp closed.

Lobster claw clasps tend to be larger than spring ring clasps. Although they are more noticeable, they are also easier to manage by yourself.


hebrew name bracelet

Hebrew Bracelet

Make it a habit to check the holding power of a spring ring or lobster claw clasp. The spring can lose its “springy-ness” over time and fail to hold your jewelry securely.

And if you have a favorite bracelet, necklace, or chain that you don’t wear because it’s challenging to put on, take it to your jeweler who can switch the clasp to one that’s easier for you.

Now that you know about spring and lobster clasps – not sushi – enjoy your jewelry!


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