Evil Eye Colorful Keychains for Men and Women

Evil eye colorful keychains are what you need for protection, good luck, and to ward off the evil eye.

And these keyrings are gorgeous too.

Evil eye watchful eye keychain
Red evil eye keychain

You're probably wondering why you would want an evil eye for a keychain holder?

We get it, we've been asked that many times.

In fact so much so that we have a blog just about what is the evil eye, take a peek here to learn more.

But, we'll do a quick recap:

There are 3 types of evil out there-

1. The first is the unconscious evil eye, which harms people and things without intending to.

2.The second type intends to harm.

3.The third one is unseen, hidden evil which is the scariest because it's premeditated and deliberate.

That means someone actually thought to harm another based on jealousy and envy. They are such bitter people that your good fortune is affected by another's resentfulness and animosity.

And who wants that?

Who wants someone to cast evil spells, bad luck, and physical and emotional harm onto you? NO ONE!

That's what an evil eye is for-- to cast that right back onto the sender. Let them take their ill-will and recoil in their own evilness, but keep that harm far, far, far away from you!

So, if you're looking for the perfect gift to give your boyfriend or husband, girlfriend or mom, wife or sister, brother or friend how about an evil eye keychain?

Keychain for Men | Evil Eye in Black

Of course, you want them always protected while behind the wheel, especially a new driver.

Or a loved one that moved into their first home or their first apartment. May the keys always unlock doors to happiness, good health, and success.

Cast away harm with evil eye
Best friend keychains with evil eye

We've had customers dangle a keychain off of the gift packages or envelopes that included a gift certificate, just as an extra layer of "security."

There are 9 colorful evil eye keychains available on Alef Bet's Amazon store and they are found here at this link.

  • Blue

  • Light blue

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Purple

  • Black

  • Pink

Wondering what each color of the eye represents? Read about the colors and their meanings of an evil eye here.

pink colorful evil eye keyring
Pink Evil Eye Keychain

Ready to purchase your next keyring?

See Alef Bet's listing on Amazon Prime or on www.alefbet.com

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