When One is in Need of Healing, A Simple Piece of Jewelry With a Biblical Inscription is the Perfect Gift


When One is in Need of Healing, A Simple Piece of Jewelry With a Biblical Inscription is the Perfect Gift - Alef Bet by Paula

Healing Jewelry

Often times we are in need of healing.

Be it for ourselves or for a loved one, we need a blessing.

healing jewelry

A blessing for mental or physical healing.

For anxiety, pain, disease, depression, covid-19. 

We all need prayers and blessings.

Kind words, thoughts, prayers, and knowing others are "invested in" our process of being healed all aide in one's journey toward "getting better."

This is not a blog about one's belief in God and if God hears and answers your prayers, do not be mislead.  This is about what prayers can do for another.

In the article about your brain and prayer from NBC news, Dr. Hokemeyer states, “One of the purposes of prayer and meditation is to regain our footing so that we can step out into the world and take positive action: we reconnect, re-center, recharge and gain the strength necessary to take steps that will create real change. In other words, prayer is the fuel that lights the fire of action.”

Prayer for ourselves, prayers for others.

When we actively show our support for the struggles of others, the words and actions stimulate the power to light the fire of action.

healing jewelry for women

Healing Necklace 

It is almost as if one is saying, we are here to fight with you.  To support you, to give you strength and the will-- the drive to carry on.

The mitzvah, commandment, of Bikur cholim translates into visiting the sick. 

Visiting the sick can bring with it a host of emotions. Rabbi Bradley Artson advises that “even as we feel grateful to those brave and loving people who came to visit us in our sickness, we still feel hesitant, awkward, and fearful when it comes to visiting the sick ourselves." 

In the ethical book on Jewish teachings, Pirke Avot, by 12th century scholar Maimonides, we learn that “the world is sustained by three pillars – Torah, service, and acts of loving-kindness.” 

Visiting the sick falls into the act of “loving-kindness," Gemilut Chasadim.

So, the next time a loved one is need of a caring, kind word, a prayer or a visit, gift them with a piece of jewelry they can always wear that shows you're involved in the healing process.

healing jewish prayer bracelet

A Wearable Prayer

I have bought a total of four of these and the message is so important to women who stand in need of continual prayers for healing. They are beautiful. A prayer worn on one's physical body can be a powerful reminder to continually pray to God in faith for sisters who desperately need those prayers. I wear mine as an intercession for my daughter, who has dealt with anorexia nervosa, and for her sisters everywhere. -Jane

A Gift

A friend gave me the same necklace when I was diagnosed with cancer. I wear it all the time. I never take it off. Another friend was just diagnosed with cancer, so I purchased the same necklace for her. She loves it. -Marsha Thompson

El Na -Healing Necklace

I love this necklace. It is just what I need right now! I wear it all the time. It's very comfortable & I don't have to take it off to shower or swim. -Lisa Curtis




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