Seriously, How Come You Make Face Masks Now?


Seriously, How Come You Make Face Masks Now? - Alef Bet by Paula

You know--

We started our company, Alef Bet, designing jewelry, and never ever did we dream about incorporating face masks into our line.

To be honest, had you asked us back in April about fabrics, you would have been met with a blank stare. What do I know about cotton and fleece, polyester, and raw edges?  Zip. Zilch. Nada.

What we have learned during these new times is how to navigate and adapt.  Adapt to the world we now live in, to meet our customers' needs.

We know the most important thing is our customer and your loyalty-- you are our #1 priority.

We are always thinking of you.

That being said, when we were approached by a husband and wife team that make clothing and do embroidery work right here in Los Angeles, with the idea of making face mask coverings, we listened.  We knew it would be a turning point in our line and for our customers; adapting to the new norm.  

mask design work

This is how the new line of face mask coverings emerged.  

The masks are handmade in the USA from 7.0 no-sew fleece fabric, raw edges.  There are two notches to fit over your ears, so the coverings fit practically all face sizes.

Wash them and hang to dry, iron on a low setting if need be.  Studies have shown that light and heat kill the virus, so even leaving the masks outside or ironing on that silk/low setting will help, but check the CDC website to follow all protocols.

I'd also like to introduce you to Nancy, her husband is in the photo above. She makes the fabric masks for you to wear.  Her taste is impeccable and her sewing even better!  I mean, who chooses Sushi fabric for a mask and makes it look fabulous!

(Nancy did the decorations for my mom's big quarantine, drive-by birthday celebration, hence the green hair)

You know, there is a definite love-hate relationship with these masks. And while they are awkward, strange, weird, and necessary in today's COVID-19 world, we will do what we must to remain safe.

If we don't laugh, make light of the situation-- I am afraid we might curl up in our beds and never come out.

And in the Instagram words of Bethnee641, "pretty sure I legally can't get sick now" is a terrific way of looking at the world. The glass is half full, not half empty view.

hamsa mask

Please stay safe and healthy and remember to take care of each other.  

We have the greatest customers and you make us love waking up and working from home each and every day.

Sending blessings of love, happiness, and health your way,

Paula and Alissa


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