Love Jewish Star Necklace


Love Jewish Star Necklace - Alef Bet by Paula

Love is Important in Our Daily Lives One Necklace Proves That.

Love and faith, that is why adults are loving this necklace with a six-pointed star in the middle of the word: LOVE

But why is this necklace so meaningful?


We'll tell you why-- it's about pride.

It's about embracing who you are.

It's about not shouting your faith, but it simply being there.

It's also the word LOVE that connects us as women.

And if it's love you're after, without the faith-- we have got you covered as well with this LOVE necklace with the O blinged out in sparkling cubic zirconia gemstones.


So, what is it about the 4 letter word LOVE?

Why is love so important in our everyday lives?

It's what keeps us going, it's what keeps us alive.

Truthfully, what is love?

Of course, it's a feeling.

It's what motivates us to be kind, to give to others, to want to rise each morning.


It's the strength, the motivation, the fight in us to succeed.

Love teaches us to hope, it is the smile that appears through the tears, when you learn to overcome sadness.

It's family, friends, faith, laughter. It's the tingling in your knees, the flutter in your heart, the pride, and the purpose in life.

Love is important because, without love, our life would lack such special moments and days―our life would be incomplete. How do you enjoy "love" today?


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