American Flag and Evil Eye Wall Amulet


American Flag and Evil Eye Wall Amulet - Alef Bet by Paula

A stunning glass American Flag wall decor amulet with an evil eye to watch over and protect us.

evil eye and flag of usa
Home art good luck charm

You might be curious as to the significance of combining an evil eye with the American Flag?


Let's dive in!


The American flag represents freedom, dignity, patriotism, and has been with us through sad and hard times as well as joyous and triumphant times. It represents the love of our beautiful country-- The United States of America.

"Our flag remains a vibrant symbol of the American principles of democracy, justice, and freedom, and of course the everlasting memory of those who have sacrificed their lives defending these intrinsic principles of the United States of America," by Drexel University and the history of the American Flag.


So why the evil eye?

An evil eye is not actually "evil." It prevents evil, it watches over and stops evil, preventing it from harming you. It is a very old, cross-cultural amulet with its origins in India and the Near East, but has spread across the entire world.

In fact, there are over 42 countries and counting, that believe in the power of the "evil eye."


An eye, as you can see below, watches over you. It never closes, it never blinks, it never misses a single milli-second.


Traditionally the eye is found with a deep- deep cobalt color blue, but it does appear in other colors as well, in fact, we have an entire blog on the colors of the evil eye here.


But is the eye evil?


home decor with flag and evil eye
Wall Art with American Flag and Evil Eye

No, it really is not evil.

It is more like a symbol of luck-- to watch over and protect you, for good health and prosperity.


And we need luck against harm, against evil.


There are three kinds of evil in the world:

  • The first are unconscious evil eyes. These harm people and things, without intending to.

  • The second type intends to harm.

  • The third one is unseen, hidden evil which is the scariest. 

So the eye is therefore lucky, and keeps the three types of evil away, hence the name "evil eye."


Looking more closely at the third, the unseen or hidden evil -- that premeditated evil that has layers and layers of harm involved in it stemming from jealousy, envy, and is just a "rotten seed" to put it nicely. That is what we need to prevent from coming anywhere near us.


That is why we must protect our country and why the evil eye is perfect just where it is, in the center of our flag.

This artistic rendition, this amulet, is made entirely out of glass by hand. That very traditional all-seeing Mal de ojo, also known as a Turkish Nazar Bongcu or Greek Mati sits prominently in the center.


Where to display your evil eye and flag amulet?

The wall amulet looks lovely hung inside of a home, oftentimes you'll find it by an entryway to prevent harm from coming into your house. On the flip side, when you leave the protection of the talisman will still be with you on your way out, the guidance of the protective eye.


So, too, you'll find an eye looks fantastic in the garden or in one's yard. It has the same meaning-- to push back or prevent ill-will and bad intent from entering the home (but from the backyard)



May the evil spirits no longer exist.

May our beloved country always be protected.

May our loved ones be safe.

May freedom prevail.


We hope you'll add an evil "lucky" eye American flag to your collection of good luck charms.

The flags make touching and heartfelt gifts as well. For birthdays, holidays, hostesses, and housewarming gifts, we know that the Flag will always be a memorable and welcoming gift.

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