Blue Jewelry You Should Be Wearing Today


Blue Jewelry You Should Be Wearing Today - Alef Bet by Paula

Opalite is a shimmering blue stone that is mesmerizing to look at.

And fantastic to wear as jewelry.

Did we mention the price points are terrific too!

Opalite, very similar to the word opal, is not only stunning to look at but also durable to wear as jewelry every single day.

Seen here --> Opal heart, moon and star, and hamsa hand necklaces.

What is opalite?

Basically, it's a man-made opal stone. However, it captures the colors and beauty of natural opal without any flaws, at a fraction of the cost. It is also much more durable than a traditional opal, which is a very soft stone.

How is opalite made?

Natural opal is made from volcanic ash, mostly found in Brazil and Africa, and very rare.

Jewelry opalite, mimicking the hues and spheres of colors found in natural opal is manufactured from artificial glass. It has a shimmery, speckled feel to it, which is mainly composed of mineral dolomite attached with metal, in order to produce an opalescent presence.

Symbolism or meaning of the opalite stone

There are a vast number of symbolic interpretations of the opalite stone, as found in The benefits range from health and healing, creating wealth, love and relationships and improves levels of communication. It’ll boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as improve your sense of self-worth.

Some lovely examples of opalite jewelry pieces, as found on are as follows:

Blue hamsa hand necklace comes in two sizes. Prices start at $29 on a sterling silver chain, and is a terrific gift for girls of all ages. In fact, it is so popular we have matching hamsa earrings and bracelets to complete the set. If you're looking to learn more about this five-fingered amulet, called a hamsa hand, we have a blog post that you'll love reading here.

Blue charm bracelet with your choice of star or hand.

heart opal blue necklace

Blue Heart Necklace

Notice on this blue heart how the chain "drops" in the image-- well, this is an extender that is found on practically all of Alefbet's jewelry. It allows you to adjust the necklace length to match your outfit perfectly. See the blue opal heart pendant online, here. It also allows for someone with a smaller, or larger neck, to be able to wear this necklace, and when you gift it to someone (if you don't end up keeping yourself, of course) you are worry-free if it will fit them.

bangle blue opal hamsa

Opal bangle bracelet in gold or silver is another exciting way to show off your style and your love of blue jewelry. A hard bangle bracelet is easy to wear and pairs perfectly with jewelry you already own. Here's why we adore bangle bracelets-- easy to wear. I mean, seriously, do we need any other reason? Put a bangle on and leave it on-- sleep, shower, swim, work.

If you'd like to see the entire of blue opal jewelry sold on Alef Bet's website, there is an entire page dedicated to the designs found at this link here: blue opal jewelry by Alef Bet.

If you have any designs you'd like for us to carry, leave a comment below!

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